Thursday, July 31, 2008

Underage notty?

Erm... was reading news online and saw this article...

The new from, source here

A WIDESPEAD videoclip, purportedly showing two children engaging in sexual acts, has caused shock and concern among parents, reported Harian Metro.

The 30-minute clip titled “Budak-Budak Pun Dah Pandai Sekarang (Even Children Are Well Informed Now)” has been circulating on the Internet and via mobile phones.

A boy and a girl – believed to be around eight years of age – are seen in the clip stripping off their clothes and kissing each other, the paper reported.

Their acts are believed to have taken place on top of an abandoned building, where it was filmed.

The Malay daily in its front-page story, however, said it could not be ascertained if the children were locals.

The clip was made known after several concerned parents called the newspaper expressing their worries.

After I read liao.. I am thinking..

wah lao eh.. which fella go record the kid kissing one? what kind of human is it?

speechless liao.. =.="


Criz Lai said...

sweat... I wondered who were the irresponsible producer. Haiz.. the world has changed!

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Chris Thoo said...

Wen Zi is a paedophile.....


kidding man..

Kuntong said...

walao eh!!!!!!!! the world had changed a lot..

rumiko kato said...

O_O *gasp

nick chan said...

the world is now very reality , apa pun ada.

cdason said...

its sad but true.. Parents are at fault, but then, the one which took the video should also take responsibility for circulating it.