Wednesday, July 16, 2008


This is today event. 16th July 2008.

I today go visit this college in Penang.

Yes, it's TARC, Penang.

My main objective not to register as a student there, I am there to support Mr.Koay again. He was invited for graffiti.


Somehow I think the theme is Future Art or something. That everyone that got thing to do will get a sticker.

Actually today not only got graffiti. They got Cap drawing competition as well.

future art

First time I see this competition, they can ask their friend to wear the cap so that they can design on it. I thought they going to hold it and design it. =.=
cap drawing1

See the crowd.. Quite lot of student who come down to support their friend.
cap drawing2

And on the stage, they got small contest. I don't give a damn about it but I give a damn about their prizes. Wonder why they get sponsor so easily. =.=

There is a booth near Mr.Koay pimpin area got this mini cupcake for.. I don't know is sale or what. It just leave there and they never cover it with something and I can see alot of misc. thing fly on top of it. Those who ate it.... .. ..

Here's Mr.Koay serious face with his Mask. Enjoying his music.
eng vs mask

And I spotted this pooooooooooor balloon.

Clock strike 3pm and the cap drawing end. So they start to count the voting. I don't who win. Just kaypo.
cap drawing

Last but not least. Tada.. the mask and the owner.


Akira 思胜 said...

Wow, so happening ler!!! Hehe... I was from this college too!

wenzi said...

really? cool wor :D but why u dint go? hehe