Monday, July 7, 2008

Ichibanzai 2008 @ KDU

Last month at KDU, there's an event call Ichibanzai for anime freak in Penang.

I aint any anime freak.. Or hardcore fans..

I only know Bleach and that's the only anime I am watching.. Sorry no Naruto!~

We reach there.. quite late.. due to we got something to do..


But, wasn't too late for cosplay competition. They are having singing competition by the time we reach there.


So, since we got a lot of time.. I have them snap some photos.


hplww help me with asking the cosplayer to take photo with her. So.. I did my job as well.. taking photo :D


And next one..


Just right after we almost finish.. Here come the cosplay competition..


Got 2 emcee here.. I dono who and who =.=


Then, someone from Bleach


And also Debu Death Note


Some from EAA.. lolx


Anyway.. we felt so hot.. They don't even have more air - cond / fan or whatever that can prevent their audience from the hot weather.. although it's raining..


Last.. before we leave.. they got a group photo with this cute guy/girl? OK is a girl who cosplay a guy character. and yada yada.. =.=

So.. this will be last photo.. ngek ngek


Faster cover ur nose with tissue.. Bwhahaha


Akira 思胜 said...

Wow, nice event! I wish I can be in cosplay too! haha...

wenzi said...

akira want cosplay gundam? hehe

jolyn cutiez said...

nice post.. *Ehem*
coz im in it.. >=P
n y lar... after a month only post... did u go to ACGC? if yea.. i think next month only u'll update it d.. lol...

wenzi said...

jolyn: hahaah.. like that also can =.=

too bad i dint go ACGC.. got something else on that day.. so.. haha.. no update for that :D

迷迭香 said...

i like the figurines....

wenzi said...

迷迭香: me too :D haha

Alex Chua said...

Omg, whats with the panty slip???!! Hahaha!! This is blog site is rated 18sx!!

wenzi said...

not this "blog" rated 18sx.. only this post nia ok :D