Friday, July 4, 2008

Upcoming Event

Well, it's time for me to update some.. erm maybe little information or something?

Ermm well, let me start with this coming event first...

Alright, New World Park will be having a brand event call "I love Penang Brand"

Let me ctrl+c and ctrl+v here a bit..

Event Objectives
In this event, we hope to expose the Penang Brand to all the Penangites, expatriates, tourists and even our next generation. We wish to make them proud to be one of the Penangites. Besides, we want to everybody at the oversea / other state Penangites to pay attention in this event; they will find that we have a nice platform for them to expose if they choose to return to their hometown.

So, it will be held for 3 days. 11th to 13th July 2008. Penang only. -.-

For more info about this Penang Brand.. kindly click sini to see their site


Next, on the 19th July 2008.. there will be a Japanese event call Bon Odori, which held annually around July. This year will be at Esplanade also. A better place also compare to 2006.

Here's some details about that event erm..

Penang Bon Odori Carnival 2008
On 2008-07-19
Venue : Esplanade (Padang Kota Lama)
The Bon Odori is back in Penang! If you are a fan od japanese culture be sure to come and join in the fun at Bon Odori at Esplanade this 19th July 2008( Sat) from 6pm - 11pm. There will be dance performerces and firework displays! Admission is free. It is here right at your door step. So don't miss it!

source from

Just some tips for you if you're going for this event.

1. Never wear branded shoes/sport shoes/high heel/ sandal will do
why? - every year without fail, the field will be wet and muddy. Which mean.. Rain..
(correction: by "Gary": got 1 year din't rain.) Just incase :D

2. Spare some cash for buying tickets voucher if you want to get some Japanese stuff back home. Minimun RM20. Not in YEN
why? - they don't accept cash, plus it's kind of Carnival or Fun Fair.. no merry go round.

3. Remember to bring your Album - T, or PowerShot, or SuperShot, or your camcorder to record or take photo with Japanese.
why? - just before the event end, there will be Fireworks.. so don't miss your chance to snap it unless you found it not a big deal for you. Also, you might lucky to take photo with Real Japanese or you got to take with by some local Penang-ite who dress like Japanese and speak a little bit of Japanese. Don't say I din't remind you. Btw, no offense for those who gonna dress up like a Japanese.

So, you going ? :D


Më| §zë said...

i'm going!!!
but for kl 1... lol...

wenzi said...

thats greaet :D hehe

jolyn cutiez said...

ur right.. Almost Every yr Bon Odori is wet and muddy.. but neva fail to tempt me to go again.. =) c u there perhaps...

wenzi said...

jolyn: :D haha.. sure see u.. r u gonna cosplay again ? HAHA

jolyn cutiez said...

no ler.. coming as myself =D

wenzi said...

lol.. i tot u gonna cosplay ur character.. its easier for us to recognize u :D hhaa