Thursday, August 30, 2007


ahahah 1 more day Malaysia will be celebrating 50th Birthday lo.. Sudah tua lo haha. Friday morning i will be at butterworth with my band. Haha, i am not performing ler.

Will running around to take photo ^^ wahahhah. But, too bad, this year my band friend all not at penang. haihz.. sad only leave a few still in Penang. Hahaaha

Anyway, lets SHOUT MERDEKA!!!

Friday, August 10, 2007

my birthday

first of all, finally i've recover my blogspot username and password. now i can continue crap here rather than in frenster. here i am gonna tell about my birthday uhuhuh,
erm.. my birthday eve, actually i was planning to sleep early that night so the next day i can have enough energy to enjoy my day. but... i end up sleep around 6am. thats bad ler. but then i manage to wake up at 10am ahahha.
after wake up, i go have my breakfast and then bath and play game while wait my friend reach my house. meanwhile i show my mum the frutavida juice. around almost 12pm, rui yang reach my house and we ready to go out. well as wat we've plan, first reach gurney plaza we gonna buy movie tickets and then we lepak at seoul garden..
after we get our ticket for 5.50pm, we went down to SG and start to EAT.. and we create our own delights ^^ here are some photossss

hungry sam and ruiyang

a photo of us.. yes is only 4 of us.. no more no more

me and eng's favourite chicken omelette

haha, what's with this marshmallow ^^

yes, we bbq the marshmallow HAHA

p.s. we even bbq till it caught fire.. swt

sam enjoying the marshmallow ^^

eng's banana sepilit ^^ haha

my only present of this year hahah

oh well.. it took me long time to upload those photo, i just wonder why when i upload and drag down.. the spaces between each paragraph become bigger and bigger.. swt lo. anyway present have or don't have also is not a problem. anyway thx to the person who give me that cup. ^^ and i found out that, i still got friend and not only this 4.. that's alot. thx those who wish me happy birthday ^^ i appreciate it very much.

4.12am 10/8/2007