Sunday, September 30, 2007

Photo Exhibition at Penang

I went to this Photo Exhibition today, together with my college friends. We quite rush to there because we only finish our work around 8pm. So straight go there without bath first. The time we reach there, we heard some music from upstair. So we went up and.....

yes, is all about penang.
photos all on wall is PENANG's view
Music perform by Ynot Music Studio
A group photo with Pipit Ivery and Mike before leaving ^^
When we want leave that place time, KHAN receive a phone call from his friend, that make him cant follow us go for our LATE DINNER at Northam Beach Cafe. So only left me, eng and weiwern lo. We call ojian want eat or not. Somehow he join us as well.

this is ojian ^^ hahathis is eng.. he too free for posing.
weiwern showing her arm is strong :D
and the stupiak me!! taking photo using the RM5 note to cover the flash!! haha

Thats all lo. Nothing much actually, just to cover a bit my blog or else too empty already. I am still waiting for some photos. So please wait a bit more la. I also don't want one ma.. AHAHA

end at 12.07am 1st Oct

Monday, September 17, 2007

Nescafe Kick Start

What is your dream job?

What have you done so far to archieve your dream?

How RM30,000 help you to archieve your dream?

front: eng, cherrie and me
back: sam, jesy and vincent

Good Question!! Well, thats the question they ask in the form. So, that time I was thinking what is my dream? Haha, I feel like I don't have any dream. Sleep time got lah, a lot of dream. Of course they aren't asking those sleeping dream, they are asking the dream in your future. What are you going to do in your future? Is good or bad?

Just that I'm not sure what is my dream, so I fill in the form just because of the freebies that they going to give :D haha.

When Im filling the form, I chat with one of the crew, Cherrie. She is from KL together with Jesy and Vincent. All the 3 friendly crew :D. She ask us a question, the question she ask is, "eh, Where got nice food to eat ar?" So swt.!! Of course we are friendly too so we tell her where got nice food. Aiya, Penang is Food Heaven everywhere also got food. So Leslie show them where got nice food to eat :D

Personally i feel that they are friendly, just that they going to stick one of my form on the notice board.. OH NO!!! haha, I know they wouldn't. Ngek Ngek..!!

Anyway, all the best to them and good luck to EAA students who fill in the form. Maybe one of you will be the Season 4 KICKSTARTER!!

11.22pm 17th Sept 2007

Pipit 1st Anniversary 2007

I will write this post right after i get all my photo.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Truth or Dare

There is one thing bout this game, it can b say nice. Why? Well when u play this gam together with your fren, u'll realize that you will feel free to tell your thing out whenever they ask a question. and u'll get to noe more bout ur fren. is true. i've noe quite many thing of my frens. of course it is P n C. So i'm not going to u what we talk about. Thats the good thing when we hang out together more. sharing our problem with each other. ^^

the bad thing is.. reach home get scold by parents.

anyway i am off the KL for pipit anniversary tonite

n the mooncake party, will still ON.. RM13 per head. for those who interested pls contact me asap.

3,23am 15th September 2007 @ Mr Potato hs!!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Mooncake Festival Party

Please be inform that me and my friend are organizing a Mooncake Festival Party. (should be say early party) (penang only)

Venue: Crown Prince Beach, Penang
Time: 4.30pm until 10.30pm onward
Date: 22nd September 2007, Saturday. 3days before Mooncake Festival

There will be: -

1) Games and
2) BBQ

This party is mainly to get to know each other and meet new friends.

Please be inform that you will need to pay. ( the amount is not confirm yet )

For those who interested to join us, kindly drop your name and your contact number or email in my comments before 13th September, Thursday. I will inform you for more details soon.

Thank You