Friday, November 30, 2007

The Rainbow of Life Force

I think most of the Penang-ite might saw many banner and strimmer around the road with the ROLF CUP right? Actuallym at first I have no idea what was it about. Even I saw the poster in . Until the night before 29th, I go to the PESSOC concert together with my friend, yong hu. He told me that on 29th our school band will having a parade at City Stadium.
I was shocked and thinking why no people inform me got parade?

Okay, yong hu not sure what parade it is, he just say PHUA CHU KANG parade la..

I was thinking, what the fu*k? PCK parade? Those people will wear yellow boot to march inside the stadium ar?? I can't imagine that at all =。=. (sry i dun add picture from internet) So please imagine yourself. What's a PCK parade then.
Actually, it wasn't a PCK parade or what. I mean for band, we use to say PARADE whenever we go out for performing, escorting some VIPss. Haha.
Then, after heard from my friend and lecturer, they know a bit bout this blue ribbon campaign and my friend she saw ERIC TSANG and some Hong Kong actor having their lunch at New World Park. Ouuu ... MAiiiii GOD!! So I missed the chance to take photo that time because having class. FINE then.. Let me introduce some about this ROLF CUP. As you can see in the title, in long it mean
"THE RAINBOW OF LIFE FORCE" For this year campaign, it's under the color BLUE so they call it BRC or Blue Ribbon Campaign. Blue Ribbon stand for Cancer and this campaign is special for:
  1. Children and teenagers (under 18 years old) who suffer from cancers.
  2. Family members of the cancer patients
  3. Cancer survivors.

So, this ROLF will continue in 7 years with different colours. Next year will be in other colour. This year is the 1st year where this program organised.

And what's the ROLF CUP.. eh not ROFL ar.. don't make mistake..
ROLF CUP is for the All-Star Charity Soccer. Yes, All-Star Charity. There will be 4 match I think. Semi finals in Penang (29th Nov) then Match for 3rd Place and Final in KL (1st Dec).
The team are from Indonesia, Hong Kong, Sinapore(thats why la.. PCK parade=.=) and of course MALAYSIA.

For quite long time, I din't back to the band to perform. So I choose to attend this parade.
And I was too evil till I ask wanmeng and pingthing to join this parade together. Can't believe that they will agree to join in with me and yonghu. This is because 4 of us din't practice for a long time and we back to the band to help.

For real, I am proud to be one of the EX- SXIMB member. The band taught me alot.

The photo that band in full black, we were having rehearsal before start. After the rehearsal, all of us go to our seat and change to full U. and... guess what? The Hong Kong All-Star team's room is just behind the band.
I was thinking, wait what somemore? take camera shoot la.. !! haha! I even wave with ERIC TSANG. Of course he wave back to me too :D HAHA.

Was too happy then LOL. Then we move to field to ready ourself.

I really want to say it. I look weird everything I wear this.
My section SL now.

After everything finish, I mean after escorting them into the field, our duty is done! So they start to exchange gift or something in the field. Drag Drag drag time. But I still manage to capture some.

The soccer fans! Quite a lot people go that day.

After that, when we want back to school, it's rain. So I don't know how they tendang the bola already.

So roughly the ROLF is like that la. For more information visit this site >>
Bye bye.. :D

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Song: Dying inside to hold you

A song introduce by my classmate. A nice song :D enjoy :D

Kena Tag by ADRIAN.. =.=

游戏规则:被點到名字的要在自己的空間日記裏寫下自己的答案,然後 去掉一個你最不喜歡的問題...再加上一個你自己的問題,組成8個問題,傳給其他8個人,列出其他8個需要回答問題的人的名字...還要到這8個人的空間 留言通知對方--->“你被點名了”...被點名者不得拒絕回答問題喔~!!這8個人要在自己的空間裏注明是從哪裡接到的,並且按上述要求傳給其他 8個人,讓遊戲繼續,不得回傳~!

Q1. 你最不能忍受...?
放屁放不停的人,开玩笑啦。。 我不会华文啦。。。 不爽。。!!

睡, 吃, 玩, 睡, 吃, 玩,睡, 吃, 玩,

Q3.死前願望! 願望达到就ok la... 其实是不知道。。

Q4. 你會因為別人的言語,而改变自己吗? Normally 是看看自己吧, 不能的话又怎样? haih

Q5. 目前有对象吗?有,可是不是大象。 哈哈,放弃了。。 该是没有啦。。

Q6.出現心意對象,會勇于表白嗎? 试过了。。 没用的。。

Q7. 如果他出現婚外情,你會一哭,二闹,三上吊嗎? 不会啦。。 恭喜她!! 可喜可贺。。 ? correct? =.=\

Q8. 如果你發現自己愛上了不該愛的人,你會選擇一廂情願默默忍受還是大膽表白?Act normal.. << not really understand da question..


Monday, November 26, 2007

Tagged! Gifts, Loves And Hates

1> iPOD touch / iPhone?
2> My very own car.. er...
3> New spec for myself or maybe lens..
4> More more frens
5> More more lots fren :D ahhas.

1> cos i want
2> cos i nid own transport
3> current spec spoilt.. nid new.. =.= see thing blur.. want try Contact LENS
4> cos fren is everything
5> yes, fren is everything ler.. =.=

blurryhunniee <<>

She... very tam jiak one la..actually not really noe her well yet.. and she tag me :D xD..


She... visit my blog alot.. hahas.. chat alot there ... support my blog :D.. thx again..

MOST LOVED INVENTION (does not need to be technologically advanced): er... this blog maybe? let me get to noe more frenssss haha

WHAT DO YOU DESPISE THE MOST: mean wat?? those lapsap.. lansi.. hiao( i mean those toooooo hiao one la).. sry haha

6 PEOPLE YOU WANNA TAG: can it be more than 6? duh.. ermm.. ADRIAN, GILBERT, AH ENG, SAMS, JIA HUI n KHAN KHAN ...

fuhhh finally.. this is my 1st time.. tag.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

PIKOM PC Fair 2007/3


for more info pls click >> here <<

Black Out

Dahh dahh

last tuesday.. suddenly whole penang black out... OMGGGG

penang dint pay TENAGA arrr??

hahha, it's around 1 to 2 hours blackout..

we was in class that time.. then.. hav to do our work although no electricity =.=

sommore HOT arrr..

This is another class.. I think their class is PA class ler.. all have to go out to dance hall for class hahaha

poor them. =.=

Friday, November 23, 2007

Some video in class.. hahas boring..


This is absolutely a random POST.

Waiting for event pic to post up. Still don't event yet so I post this POST up.

Still remember when we are still child time.. DUshh..

Now we still kids lahh lolxx

Vain with CHOKI hahahas..

This khankhan.. want YENG only.. nothing to do with choki choki.. hahahs
Anyway.. to my classmate, pls do remember to drink more water. 1 day eat up to 5 sticks of choki choki.. too chocolate..

Monday, November 19, 2007

More for Happy Saturday

a snap shot before..
vivian's fren.. forget her name.. and vivian then leslie..
visual and his gurl..
overdrive and his gurl
wei wern... golden shit =.= she dint bought it.

and the short clip for that nite.. Oh ya... pls lower down ur speaker volume cos the part where schizzow perform with oceon of fire part very noisy..

video quality not good cos of using digital cam to record de.. so.. enjoi lo..

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Happy Saturday Update :D

Tadaaaaa here's the photo for yesterday 10hours non-stop music and art fest @ penang new world parkkkkk!!! wuhuu..

Here's the MC for this blog.. WENZIIII

pls clap lahh .. LOL

Yooosh.. wassup wassup.. I am da mc for this blog.. kekeke Welcome to NWP @ Penang n welcome to Happy Saturday GIG.

Just right before everything start, we will have some sound check..

Mic check mic check 8 9 10.

Sound check sound check.. 11, 12, 13
Eh bang, tolong adjust sat.. itu bunyi tak cukupp.. tolong adjust btul btul ya? mau jamming nieee :D

Alright, the party not start with these few kids dancing. I random upload pic into blog.. so I will 1 by 1 describe to you. :D

The kids following their jie jie come dance de.. feel so cute so I blog them..

That's the crowd during somebody perform on da stage..
Other's than the little kids dance, also go leng lui alot :D hahahs
Again... Leng luiSSSS
Actually, not only rock band or those dancing only. They also have Jazz band performing as well..
Just cant image there are sooooo many photographer at there. OMG!!

Here's my fren, schizzow and his fren shawn..
A view taken from LIOZ balcony =.= :D
Alright, this band is a band that sing japanese song. If not mistake, the drummer is UGLYMEN's Drummer lai de.

The graffiti artist of the day.. Include schizzow also la..
Here's Bibichun and Ah Eng a.k.a potato.
Crowd... Focus wrong.. =.=
This guy... scream like hell... but the voice damm nice.. Like it very muchie..
Some dance again by this group of 5.
Opss.. leng luiSSS is here..
This 2 gurl is same group with the kids photo above..
I think this one also la..
I damm respect they all, no wear shoe stand at under the hot sun and hot floor.. I thought they will jumping around cos of the heat.
Here's Bibichun character. The fat lady
Uglymen Perform.
One and the only photographer that lye on floor and take photo. :D that's khankhan
Final Piece of the grafitti, with their tag and AEROSOL PIMP
Left is ah eng's then background by schizzow and bibichun's fat lady
It's Uglymen again.
Their songs dammm good man..

Oceon of Fire... :D the solo part.. :D
Schizzow again.. No Love Letter from him =.=
There's wei wern.. inside the plastic bag.. heehee
Ah eng doing some touch up.
The night time dancer.. michael jackson de.
This is a member from NAO
This is a band call.. Supporter :D hahahs.. Right after finish, we take some pic before leave.
Again :D
And then, we had our supper with da organiser.. Kelvyn Yeang :D
Thx kelvyn for supper.. kekek

Overall the party was very nice and fun. The weather also very good, no rain. But quite hot.
We enjoy alot :D hahhas..

Thats all :D