Sunday, November 18, 2007

Happy Saturday Update :D

Tadaaaaa here's the photo for yesterday 10hours non-stop music and art fest @ penang new world parkkkkk!!! wuhuu..

Here's the MC for this blog.. WENZIIII

pls clap lahh .. LOL

Yooosh.. wassup wassup.. I am da mc for this blog.. kekeke Welcome to NWP @ Penang n welcome to Happy Saturday GIG.

Just right before everything start, we will have some sound check..

Mic check mic check 8 9 10.

Sound check sound check.. 11, 12, 13
Eh bang, tolong adjust sat.. itu bunyi tak cukupp.. tolong adjust btul btul ya? mau jamming nieee :D

Alright, the party not start with these few kids dancing. I random upload pic into blog.. so I will 1 by 1 describe to you. :D

The kids following their jie jie come dance de.. feel so cute so I blog them..

That's the crowd during somebody perform on da stage..
Other's than the little kids dance, also go leng lui alot :D hahahs
Again... Leng luiSSSS
Actually, not only rock band or those dancing only. They also have Jazz band performing as well..
Just cant image there are sooooo many photographer at there. OMG!!

Here's my fren, schizzow and his fren shawn..
A view taken from LIOZ balcony =.= :D
Alright, this band is a band that sing japanese song. If not mistake, the drummer is UGLYMEN's Drummer lai de.

The graffiti artist of the day.. Include schizzow also la..
Here's Bibichun and Ah Eng a.k.a potato.
Crowd... Focus wrong.. =.=
This guy... scream like hell... but the voice damm nice.. Like it very muchie..
Some dance again by this group of 5.
Opss.. leng luiSSS is here..
This 2 gurl is same group with the kids photo above..
I think this one also la..
I damm respect they all, no wear shoe stand at under the hot sun and hot floor.. I thought they will jumping around cos of the heat.
Here's Bibichun character. The fat lady
Uglymen Perform.
One and the only photographer that lye on floor and take photo. :D that's khankhan
Final Piece of the grafitti, with their tag and AEROSOL PIMP
Left is ah eng's then background by schizzow and bibichun's fat lady
It's Uglymen again.
Their songs dammm good man..

Oceon of Fire... :D the solo part.. :D
Schizzow again.. No Love Letter from him =.=
There's wei wern.. inside the plastic bag.. heehee
Ah eng doing some touch up.
The night time dancer.. michael jackson de.
This is a member from NAO
This is a band call.. Supporter :D hahahs.. Right after finish, we take some pic before leave.
Again :D
And then, we had our supper with da organiser.. Kelvyn Yeang :D
Thx kelvyn for supper.. kekek

Overall the party was very nice and fun. The weather also very good, no rain. But quite hot.
We enjoy alot :D hahhas..

Thats all :D


taisuan said...

wenzi, nice photos you have there. i made a link to your blog from our website.

wenzi said...

hi there, thanks for the comment, can i have ur link so that can link u back?

Yung Shen said...

hahahaha yaw!!!!!
nice pics lah peterrrr

wenzi said...

hahas, thx schizzow :D:D:D... now only i noe taisuan is uglymen's drummer T_T

identity_eye said...

wenzi ..u take a good photo !!

Happy said...

Thank you for supporting HAPPY SATURDAY! Interesting photos! Hope to see u soon.

wenzi said...

thx visual for the comments :Dh hehehe

thx happy for commetns.. hope to see u all again next time :D hahah


Michelle said...

ooooo nice nice! i expect more pictures.

wenzi said...

cant update all. some of it very blur.. so cant upload here T_T

welovepenang said...

is very nice photo, wonder if u can use ur photo as part of my event report on my blog.... please let me know.. thanks.

wenzi said...

to welovepenang, you may grab the photo. thx for asking before u grab ^_^

welovepenang said...

HI, wen zi

Thanks for replying. As we respect the IP and we are happy if you able to share more picture on the event you have taken before or in future. Thanks.

caryn said...

haro :D

wenzi said...

caryn HARLO :D:D:D

flux said...

yo,cool gig gonna link u if u dont mind..

Fat Photog said...

haha I see me and my pants was down! wargh!