Friday, November 30, 2007

The Rainbow of Life Force

I think most of the Penang-ite might saw many banner and strimmer around the road with the ROLF CUP right? Actuallym at first I have no idea what was it about. Even I saw the poster in . Until the night before 29th, I go to the PESSOC concert together with my friend, yong hu. He told me that on 29th our school band will having a parade at City Stadium.
I was shocked and thinking why no people inform me got parade?

Okay, yong hu not sure what parade it is, he just say PHUA CHU KANG parade la..

I was thinking, what the fu*k? PCK parade? Those people will wear yellow boot to march inside the stadium ar?? I can't imagine that at all =。=. (sry i dun add picture from internet) So please imagine yourself. What's a PCK parade then.
Actually, it wasn't a PCK parade or what. I mean for band, we use to say PARADE whenever we go out for performing, escorting some VIPss. Haha.
Then, after heard from my friend and lecturer, they know a bit bout this blue ribbon campaign and my friend she saw ERIC TSANG and some Hong Kong actor having their lunch at New World Park. Ouuu ... MAiiiii GOD!! So I missed the chance to take photo that time because having class. FINE then.. Let me introduce some about this ROLF CUP. As you can see in the title, in long it mean
"THE RAINBOW OF LIFE FORCE" For this year campaign, it's under the color BLUE so they call it BRC or Blue Ribbon Campaign. Blue Ribbon stand for Cancer and this campaign is special for:
  1. Children and teenagers (under 18 years old) who suffer from cancers.
  2. Family members of the cancer patients
  3. Cancer survivors.

So, this ROLF will continue in 7 years with different colours. Next year will be in other colour. This year is the 1st year where this program organised.

And what's the ROLF CUP.. eh not ROFL ar.. don't make mistake..
ROLF CUP is for the All-Star Charity Soccer. Yes, All-Star Charity. There will be 4 match I think. Semi finals in Penang (29th Nov) then Match for 3rd Place and Final in KL (1st Dec).
The team are from Indonesia, Hong Kong, Sinapore(thats why la.. PCK parade=.=) and of course MALAYSIA.

For quite long time, I din't back to the band to perform. So I choose to attend this parade.
And I was too evil till I ask wanmeng and pingthing to join this parade together. Can't believe that they will agree to join in with me and yonghu. This is because 4 of us din't practice for a long time and we back to the band to help.

For real, I am proud to be one of the EX- SXIMB member. The band taught me alot.

The photo that band in full black, we were having rehearsal before start. After the rehearsal, all of us go to our seat and change to full U. and... guess what? The Hong Kong All-Star team's room is just behind the band.
I was thinking, wait what somemore? take camera shoot la.. !! haha! I even wave with ERIC TSANG. Of course he wave back to me too :D HAHA.

Was too happy then LOL. Then we move to field to ready ourself.

I really want to say it. I look weird everything I wear this.
My section SL now.

After everything finish, I mean after escorting them into the field, our duty is done! So they start to exchange gift or something in the field. Drag Drag drag time. But I still manage to capture some.

The soccer fans! Quite a lot people go that day.

After that, when we want back to school, it's rain. So I don't know how they tendang the bola already.

So roughly the ROLF is like that la. For more information visit this site >>
Bye bye.. :D


Shu said...

Hey you look really cool in that outfit la! And it's so nice to get to meet those Hong Kong actors there.
Btw, I can't help but think of it as ROFL!!! XD

wenzi said...

thx shuuuu :D when i blog this, i also type wrong... always type ROFL... yeap meet them is nice but cant take photo with them ... sad lo.. hahas

Adrian said...

how come so yeng de ...

damn... xD

-blueminer- said...

Eh so how was the parade?
I heard nt so good things bout the number of ppl going...n that time jiunn terng n i were at vishal's open hse 4 FOOD!! haha

wenzi said...

haha, adrian i also dono how come so yeng one.. haha

yea.. eh rub.. the number really sux... haih.. why u din come?? go open hse sommore la..