Friday, August 29, 2008

Penang State Merdeka Parade - Rehearsal

I attend this Merdeka parade rehearsal this morning.
Yes I mean around 6am like that.
This year the parade will held at Queensbay Mall, Penang.
So be prepare for traffic jam if you are going to shop at QB unless you are planning to see the parade also.

Thx adrian for lending me his 40D


Here's some brief what's going to happen on that day. 31st August 2008.


Will start with the army in line waiting for the arrival of CM, and other VIP.

Singing Negaraku and State Anthem


Then, there will be speech by VIP, and some BACAAN IKRAR, SAJAK-ing, PANTUN-ing, and some cultural performances.

Especially, BORIA dancing + singing.


Will got to sing again with the artist for raising Jalur Gemilang

Lastly, the parade will start with 8 Askar and follow by Army Band.

And the parade shall end in 20 - 30minutes.

The whole event will be around 2-3hours or more depend on the situation.

For photographers, please be there early to get better angle unless you want to run around.

For those who want to see this parade, be there early too if you want to park your car there.

Remember to bring umbrella in case there will be raining on that day.

Even during the rehearsal, the weather is not that good. Awhile sun, awhile cloudy.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Bon Odori Return

Ann-yong-hase-yo. Soon you will see Penang-ite wearing jeogori during December in order to celebrate KOREAN version of Bon Odori.

THE Penang Government is planning to hold a South Korea-version Bon Odori in Decem-ber.

Penang Tourism Development, Culture, Arts and Heritage Committee chairman Danny Law Heng Kiang said they were working with Korea Tourism Centre performers to hold a festival similar to the Japanese Bon Odori.

He said their aim to host the event in the state was to foster a good relationship with the South Koreans.

Law, who said this during the South Korean cultural performances at Queenbay Mall on Thursday said they anticipated the festival to attract some 50,000 people, an estimation of the crowd which attended the Bon Odori festival recently.

Some 50 South Korean performers, comprising professionals in leading firms, professional singers and dancers, held the shoppers spellbound with their talent in singing, dancing and playing musical instruments.

The performers, known as 21C Greentree were enchanting during the one-and-a-half hour showcase of traditional and modern South Korean culture.

The show kicked off with songs from the house band, followed by a modern dance from the Yekki group.

The highlight of the event was a traditional Korean fan dance and drum performance by performers in their traditional costumes.

The group’s organising chairman Joseph K. Kim said all of them were volunteers and would get together every year for a cultural exchange with other countries.

“Our aim is to share South Korean culture with the rest of the world.” he said.

Got KOREAN version some more.. wanna go? or not? hahaha.. Japanese Bon Odori got cosplayer, got young footballer.. how about this? ; )

source from here

Sunday, August 24, 2008

untitled pt.1

**WARNING** this post may not entertaining you, as well as my older post. You may choose to read or you may choose to click on the CROSS button at top right of your browser.
This post is not meant to create conflict or anything. It's just my personal opinion and what I've experience before.

I will start this with when I was still a real kids.

When I was a kids, I use to stay with my aunt @ b'worth due to my parents were busy over their work. My grandma is the one who take care of me. Of course, I will back to PG during weekend or holiday. Till when I start my primary school, when I was about 6 years old. I am back with my family and started my Standard 1 in a chinese school.

For your information, I am a left handed boy. I think most of us during standard 1 will receive an injection for prevent sickness and whatever is it. After I study about 3 months and the time reach. All of us got to line up for that injection on our left hand. And yes, I don't know what happen, after I've got inject, my left hand like got a big bee sting on it. I can't move my left hand at all, I mean it's hard for me to move as I like, I feel suffer and cry most of the time. Hell ya, I am a cry-baby-boy. All those day I end up with cry cry and cry... yada yada.

Until one day, I was transfer to a semi english school and I start a new primary school life again. I've spend 5 year+ in that school. Although, I dint archieve much good thing. Not at all, I wasn't good in academy nor in sports. I still remember there's once, I was famous in the school for having my mum slapping me repeatly in front of the school office for the reason of (i forget =.=, but I think related to my homework, involve in some problem or maybe telling LIE) Oh wow, I am a LIER!! After that case, I got tease by my classmate and even look down by them. "Hell fuck, they think they are good =.=" I wont forget this no matter what. This won't cause I hate my parent of course. This is a part of my life.

After finish my UPSR, and I get the result, it wasn't that bad actually. I got to wait for my secondary school life starts and waiting for the letter which Secondary school I will be in. I din't get to study in a good school but I get a school which is quite so so only. During that time, there were some school which is famous. And so call the school student all are in good attitude. I realize that is all RUBBISH. Student's attitude is everything up to the person themself. Who say a good school doesnt have bad student? Who say a bad school will not have good student? Again, I transfer to another school and meet new friends....

to be continue..

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Marching Band

Alright, the title say everything.

I might need some help here.

So, lets start with this. had you watch DRUMLINE?

OK, I think most of the BAND people will have watch this. I mean, those marching band fella. Was quite a nice movie back in year 2002. If you haven't watch it yet, don't worry.. you can watch the trailer from youtube by typing Drumline.


Next, how about funeral band? I think most of the Chinese will know about this. There will be a few people playing some classical chinese songs while a member of a family pass away and waiting to be bury. er.. I think those ang mo will invite bagpiper to play songs like Amazing Grace right?

Let's not talk about funeral band.. How about DCI?

DCI or known as Drum Corps International, a non-profit association who organize competition every year.

Well if you never heard 1/3 of what I have mention above, now I ask you..

How about Malaysia Marching Band?

Do you know that every year, there will be Secondary School Marching Band Competition held in every state?

Do you know that, there's something call KLWMBC exist in Malaysia recently?

Probably, if you are a school band member, you should have know this.

I need help from you all doing a little bit survey in my blog ok?
There's a Nuffnang Poll at my sidebar, kindly submit your vote and leave comment on this post. I am doing this online survey for my assignment.

-to be continue-

Friday, August 22, 2008


Sometime, we need sunshine to shine on whatever we are doing as a guide for whatever we do, a guide to our success,; without the sunshine,
our world,
our vision,
our mission
will be

in a darkness.

Hello, nes-lo peng satu!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Face Your Manga

OK, i got this introduce by SAMS

This is a site where you can customize "your" face in manga style.

Too bad, it doesnt have all the thing that I need to apply on it.

So here's a pic from me ^_^

I know it doesnt look like me.
But, never mind lah... haha

You can try to faceyourmanga as well ^_^

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mamma Mia! The Movie

Yes!! Finally Nuffnang giving free screening for Penangite!! wuhuhuhuu!!

The movie this time will be Mamma Mia! The Movie.

While the details will be (grab from NN)
Date : 22nd of September 2008 (Monday)
Time : 9pm
Venue : GSC One Utama (New Wing)
Hall : 9
Pax : 250

Date : 22nd of September 2008 (Monday)
Time : 9pm
Venue : GSC Gurney Plaza Penang
Hall : 8
Pax : 180

All you have to do to get a pair of tickets to watch this splendid musical sensation is write a blog post with the title ‘Mamma Mia! The Movie’ and talk about what you look forward in this movie. You can talk about ABBA, Meryl Streep, Pierce Brosnan or anything related! After you’ve published it in your blog, write an email to with the specific permalink of your blog post and other details such as your full name, contact number and where would you want to catch the Premiere Screening (KL or Penang).

The first 215 Glitterati members who write in will receive a pair of tickets to watch the Premiere of Mamma Mia! The Movie. A confirmation email will be sent by the 17th of September 2008 to the bloggers who secured themselves a pair of tickets each. Should any bloggers can’t attend the Premiere Screening, kindly reply to the sent email and revert to us so that your tickets will be given to the next in line.

Here I start my post for the free tickets k?

Ever wonder how the Devil who wear PRADA (Meryl Streep) and famous 007: James Bond (Pierce Brosnan) acting in this musicial movie? Well I can't imagine yet.

But hope that the whole movie will be more musical as I love to watch such movie ^_^. Don't worry, there wont be branded stuff or gun shooting scene, as I hope ^_^ haha. Although I don't watch HSM ler.. hahah..

But it will be great if could meet up and watch together right ^_^ Why don't you take part as well ^_^

Monday, August 18, 2008


Dong mehsss vi mi!! Serkrew yiu, Grrr .. "gimme biack mai fooot!!" meow!! meoww opss.. WOOF!

nothing to post ler..

Friday, August 15, 2008

EAA Graduation Exhibition - Passport

Really don't have much to for me to blog already.

At least got this exhibition I can post up a bit. Which is really BIT only.

On the 13th to 15th August 2008, which mean last few days.. my college is having another batch of student is graduating.

Their theme is: PASSPORT


Finally today is their last day of exhibition. And later when October, then it will be my batch turn. So fast.. its just 2 month time.


Actually, this PASSPORT batch is the most friend I have there compare to more senior batch. Some how, I went for all 3 days of their exhibition as doing my research and to show some farewell for them.



Then really, it's my turn already.

Getting nervous..

Now uninstalled all game already.. haha..

Just for your information, the next exhibition will be on 21st to 23rd October 2008, Tuesday to Thursday. Remember to mark down your calender and come over to have a look and support ok?

And sorry for the blurrrrry images... I feel like my photography skill is getting suxkss~

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Pot Luck aka Olympic Celebration aka My Bday

A warmest, "hawtest" thank you for wishing me happy birthday during last 2 day. Especially a NN - Innit friend who wish me in her blog.


Other than this, Jun-Jun Riko who also innit's friend help me promote my innit post to top.

Thank you very much ^_^

While I am waiting for my photo uploading to Flickr.. There will be no Olympic 2008 post from me, so many people post about it already.

And surprisingly, this morning I read thestar online and saw this news.

It was about a boy who also have the same birthday with me. After I look "clearly and confirm" he was one of my secondary schoolmate. I not really know him but at least got "hi hi and bye bye" once awhile.

The news read "He arrived eight days before his due date, weighing 8lbs at birth, and was one of eight children delivered at the Adventist Hospital on that special day."

Wah see! see!! "One of the Eight children" neh.. mean not only I am the only one la.. there's nothing to proud about adi la me. :P

Can't believe that my friend can up in newspaper eh hehe. He might don't know me but nevermind. I know who am I can d. Did I sound jealous?

The answer will be NO.. Why? Keep reading and you will know ^_^

Let's start some photo session.. thx adrian for the photos

Pot Luck @ my house.. This.. is not the first time I invite my friend to my house for party or something. Actually this year my wish is to go Beijing for that Olympic thingy.


I have invited my classmate, some seniors and friends that I know the Mr Koay
Not to forget my school band gang. and weai sin.

The whole party is about either one or they share and bring food. Gather @ my house and eat and play and chat lah.


And not to forget, to watch Olympic 2008 Opening Ceremony together.

Countdown, enjoy the arts of China.

After 2 hours, we started to play game as they having March Past.


We play the most simple yet very "chi kek" game. Too bad don't have photo that showing us play. But got photo showing what we EAT as forfeit in the game.

Mixtures of:
Satay Sauce,
Tomato Sauce,
Some sauce,
Spaggeti + sauce,
soy sauce,
and so on.


Anyway, let me try to explain how's the game go OK?

Each of us will get 1 card face down. And we got to hold the card up on our head for other to see. So the person who get the Biggest number card or smallest will EAT those... ehem..


Not to forget, I got khankhan to help take photo as well.



They are enjoying the mix food. Feel so good eh?

And not the forget some cam-whor-ing time right?






Skip skip.. some part.. and finally to my birthday cake cutting time!

Haha, they try to sing the birthday songs in 4 languages but the 4th version fail because they dono how to sing. Kam tong kah beh si .. haha
and so.. chak ; ) with my Lui Lui. Hehe.. The candle shows that I am 20 already!

Haha, thats all for now.. will post up more when I get the photos from khankhan


And want to thanks them for:

Nugget - Khan Khan and GF
Spaghetti - Mr Koay
Drinks - hplww
Satay - Jesper n O-jian
Some dip sauce - sams
Some poh pia - Jia Hui and Munkwan
Sandwiches - Khai Yee and Sze Mei
Adrian and me - KFC
Cake - Yivon, she ask JH to buy
My parents for some fried mee

Zhen Hao, Sui Wan, Jia Hua, Alex n gf, Weai Sin, GJen, Jummy for coming to celebrate with me ^_^

Thursday, August 7, 2008


Is another year for me again. Oh well

Can't believe this year date was quite nice right?

200 over couples marrying on this date.

Beijing Olympic 2008 Opening Ceremony..

And of course.. Some Leo boy/girl/man/woman 's birthday.

So why am I blogging about this?? It's because...

It was my birthday also ma ^_^.. *perasaan*

Yeap... like others, I also got birthday... as my D.O.B was fall on 08/08/88.. So my IC there is 880808-xx-xxxx de lo.. But, this year missing one 8 there ar.. it become 08/08/08.

But nevermind lah, luckily... this 2 year I got my classmate to celebrate with.. thehehe..

We will never forget to go Seoul Garden for our insane BBQ + Steamboat lunch.


Jeng jeng... banana serplit by Abigurl.

Actually I have already receive my early birthday gift from them...

I have already revealed one of the present from them.. ermm let see..

Pimp My Room,
from schizzow x bibichun x sam x potato

Next, a birthday "e card" from abigirl, visit her blog to check it out k?


Thanks to them alot. Thehehe..

My birthday wish.. Ngek ngek ngek..

1st Wish: Beijing Olympic will go smooth this year yeahhh!!~ Support Malaysia.. Support China... lolx

2nd Wish: my friendssss around me healthy healthy belaka.. also must wealthy wealthy.
3rd: Wish: whoever read this, have a nice day.. and God Bless. ^_^

Happy Birthday to Myself.. :P

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Update Lo

Finally, I realise I really don't have much topic or photo to be blog.

So, wont have much update already

Anyway this is a photo which I have taken on May this year.

That time got kids singing competition.
Some more got a lot event I din't attend nowadays..

Sunday, August 3, 2008

pimp my room.

Many of you might dint see me online.
Especially blogger in Innit, Nuffnang.

Well, today I am so proud that got friend to Pimp my room before they go back.

Here is my short post of it first. more to come. ^_^ stay tune k?



Still haven't complete. Sam's part. Monday will update more ^_^

--------------------update version---------------------
here is the short clip of the process..

in the video, there will be some missing part, cos i am using my Canon A640 to record it.

Anyway.. watch it and scroll down.

Below will be the link to the artist who pimp my room. Thanks lot.

If you are looking for graffiti artist, or wall painting artist. You may drop message in here or you may click to their blog.

schizzow x bibichun x sam x potato

Schizzow, Bibichun n Potato most of the time they will spray for event function. You may try contact them.

Friday, August 1, 2008

My Favourite Computer Game of All Time

IF you guys realize that those adv under Nuffnang in my blog or others people blog got the WCG thingy.

You got it right ^_^.

Nuffnang will bringing us to WCG to compete with other team. In counter-strike..

Each team will have 5 player. Which one of them will be girl.

At first, I feel like wow.. got CS leh.. my hand to start itchy and my first multiplayer game is CS somemore. Problem is... I am having final and the tournament will held @ MidValley on the 16th August.

But, we got to post up something about our favorite game of all time. After some time, and I thought.. why not I just post something up?

Although I am play DotA now.. I am still HARD-DIE-FAN of CS OK? HAHA

OK.. long story short say.. I want to share this few clips with you. Why don't you sit down and enjoy?

This clip all we watched last year. That time we are into CS game in college. But we never have a chance to play in tournament cos we sukx. Anyway.. we found this clip on youtube and well..

BUT.. before that, you may choose to turn on your speaker or you maybe lower the volume.
vulgar profanities hamsap word all is in the clip. But don't worry.. no porno. ^_^

Apparently there are 2 version of it. This first video is the 2nd version of translation.

And below that will be the 1st version of the clip.

I hope the gurl who take part wont end up like this ar ; )

So are you ready to starttter?