Thursday, August 7, 2008


Is another year for me again. Oh well

Can't believe this year date was quite nice right?

200 over couples marrying on this date.

Beijing Olympic 2008 Opening Ceremony..

And of course.. Some Leo boy/girl/man/woman 's birthday.

So why am I blogging about this?? It's because...

It was my birthday also ma ^_^.. *perasaan*

Yeap... like others, I also got birthday... as my D.O.B was fall on 08/08/88.. So my IC there is 880808-xx-xxxx de lo.. But, this year missing one 8 there ar.. it become 08/08/08.

But nevermind lah, luckily... this 2 year I got my classmate to celebrate with.. thehehe..

We will never forget to go Seoul Garden for our insane BBQ + Steamboat lunch.


Jeng jeng... banana serplit by Abigurl.

Actually I have already receive my early birthday gift from them...

I have already revealed one of the present from them.. ermm let see..

Pimp My Room,
from schizzow x bibichun x sam x potato

Next, a birthday "e card" from abigirl, visit her blog to check it out k?


Thanks to them alot. Thehehe..

My birthday wish.. Ngek ngek ngek..

1st Wish: Beijing Olympic will go smooth this year yeahhh!!~ Support Malaysia.. Support China... lolx

2nd Wish: my friendssss around me healthy healthy belaka.. also must wealthy wealthy.
3rd: Wish: whoever read this, have a nice day.. and God Bless. ^_^

Happy Birthday to Myself.. :P


maro^gal said...


wow.. ur birthday date is even nicer...880808... tats cool... sure always fatt fatt fatt.. hehee

wish you a very very big big big birthday...!!! tis yr u can celebrate with the opening of olympic too...

wish ya all the best.... !!!

Baby said...

happy birthday..

sharon said...

Happy Birthday to you! Hope you have fun <:)

Marc said...

Happy Birthday man dude!!!!

Aurora said...

happy birthday o...muackZz~

cazzycazz said...

Hey you sure know when to 'come out' huh?? Hehehe, Happy Bday to You!!!!

amanda said...

your birthday falls on august 8 also?!
happy birthday!
all the best and God bless.

BLue said...


Just Jasmine said...

WenZi happy birthday!!!
You're really special, born on 8/8/88!

Me born on 8/9/89 ;)

wenzi said...

marogal: hope that i will fatt fatt fatt fatt ok? heheh thx for ur big big big wishes ^_^ celebrating olympic with my house tv ^_^ thx again ^_^

baby: thx ^_^

sharon: thx to u I will hav fun ^_^

marc: thx dude ^_^

aurora: muakzzz ^_^

cazzycazz: what thing come out har? heheh

amanda: yeshhhh, hehhe thx alot ^_^

blue: thxxxxxx ^_^

jasmime: thx.. urs nice also ehh

curryegg said...

It's your birthday! Ahww.... happy birthday!
I believe you are a very wealthy person.. haha..
Your birthday date show it!

HAPPY 080808!!!!

joshuatly said...

wow, happy bday! Your bday date is cool enough! Hahaha!
You can also check out my blog for 080808 post. and also a part for my friend who is bday on today also!

Kuntong said...

nice ic number! 2moro by TOTO ya!

Lynn said...

Happy birthday 08/08/08 Birthday boy. Really auspicious date lol.

Your birth date sure is memorable X)

DaRyL said...

birthday zai..
lai dota..