Saturday, August 9, 2008

Pot Luck aka Olympic Celebration aka My Bday

A warmest, "hawtest" thank you for wishing me happy birthday during last 2 day. Especially a NN - Innit friend who wish me in her blog.


Other than this, Jun-Jun Riko who also innit's friend help me promote my innit post to top.

Thank you very much ^_^

While I am waiting for my photo uploading to Flickr.. There will be no Olympic 2008 post from me, so many people post about it already.

And surprisingly, this morning I read thestar online and saw this news.

It was about a boy who also have the same birthday with me. After I look "clearly and confirm" he was one of my secondary schoolmate. I not really know him but at least got "hi hi and bye bye" once awhile.

The news read "He arrived eight days before his due date, weighing 8lbs at birth, and was one of eight children delivered at the Adventist Hospital on that special day."

Wah see! see!! "One of the Eight children" neh.. mean not only I am the only one la.. there's nothing to proud about adi la me. :P

Can't believe that my friend can up in newspaper eh hehe. He might don't know me but nevermind. I know who am I can d. Did I sound jealous?

The answer will be NO.. Why? Keep reading and you will know ^_^

Let's start some photo session.. thx adrian for the photos

Pot Luck @ my house.. This.. is not the first time I invite my friend to my house for party or something. Actually this year my wish is to go Beijing for that Olympic thingy.


I have invited my classmate, some seniors and friends that I know the Mr Koay
Not to forget my school band gang. and weai sin.

The whole party is about either one or they share and bring food. Gather @ my house and eat and play and chat lah.


And not to forget, to watch Olympic 2008 Opening Ceremony together.

Countdown, enjoy the arts of China.

After 2 hours, we started to play game as they having March Past.


We play the most simple yet very "chi kek" game. Too bad don't have photo that showing us play. But got photo showing what we EAT as forfeit in the game.

Mixtures of:
Satay Sauce,
Tomato Sauce,
Some sauce,
Spaggeti + sauce,
soy sauce,
and so on.


Anyway, let me try to explain how's the game go OK?

Each of us will get 1 card face down. And we got to hold the card up on our head for other to see. So the person who get the Biggest number card or smallest will EAT those... ehem..


Not to forget, I got khankhan to help take photo as well.



They are enjoying the mix food. Feel so good eh?

And not the forget some cam-whor-ing time right?






Skip skip.. some part.. and finally to my birthday cake cutting time!

Haha, they try to sing the birthday songs in 4 languages but the 4th version fail because they dono how to sing. Kam tong kah beh si .. haha
and so.. chak ; ) with my Lui Lui. Hehe.. The candle shows that I am 20 already!

Haha, thats all for now.. will post up more when I get the photos from khankhan


And want to thanks them for:

Nugget - Khan Khan and GF
Spaghetti - Mr Koay
Drinks - hplww
Satay - Jesper n O-jian
Some dip sauce - sams
Some poh pia - Jia Hui and Munkwan
Sandwiches - Khai Yee and Sze Mei
Adrian and me - KFC
Cake - Yivon, she ask JH to buy
My parents for some fried mee

Zhen Hao, Sui Wan, Jia Hua, Alex n gf, Weai Sin, GJen, Jummy for coming to celebrate with me ^_^


=chuanguan= said...

wenzi.....u r so lucky to have so many nice friends....happy birthday again

Derek Cheah said...

Happy Birthday man! I thought when you put bday in ur msn nick meant singapore national day...LOL!

Simon Seow said...

Sigh. I was too tired and slept through the Olympic opening.

jolyn cutiez said...

super fat fatt day u had there...
may all ur superb dream come true..

迷迭香 said...

the mixture of the sauces....>.<"

wenzi said...

CG: hehe.. just must organize party lo ^_^

derek: thx for the wish.. hahaha

simon: too bad then ^_^ but can watch replay leh

jolyn: not fatt enuff la hahahhaa thx for the wishes