Sunday, August 24, 2008

untitled pt.1

**WARNING** this post may not entertaining you, as well as my older post. You may choose to read or you may choose to click on the CROSS button at top right of your browser.
This post is not meant to create conflict or anything. It's just my personal opinion and what I've experience before.

I will start this with when I was still a real kids.

When I was a kids, I use to stay with my aunt @ b'worth due to my parents were busy over their work. My grandma is the one who take care of me. Of course, I will back to PG during weekend or holiday. Till when I start my primary school, when I was about 6 years old. I am back with my family and started my Standard 1 in a chinese school.

For your information, I am a left handed boy. I think most of us during standard 1 will receive an injection for prevent sickness and whatever is it. After I study about 3 months and the time reach. All of us got to line up for that injection on our left hand. And yes, I don't know what happen, after I've got inject, my left hand like got a big bee sting on it. I can't move my left hand at all, I mean it's hard for me to move as I like, I feel suffer and cry most of the time. Hell ya, I am a cry-baby-boy. All those day I end up with cry cry and cry... yada yada.

Until one day, I was transfer to a semi english school and I start a new primary school life again. I've spend 5 year+ in that school. Although, I dint archieve much good thing. Not at all, I wasn't good in academy nor in sports. I still remember there's once, I was famous in the school for having my mum slapping me repeatly in front of the school office for the reason of (i forget =.=, but I think related to my homework, involve in some problem or maybe telling LIE) Oh wow, I am a LIER!! After that case, I got tease by my classmate and even look down by them. "Hell fuck, they think they are good =.=" I wont forget this no matter what. This won't cause I hate my parent of course. This is a part of my life.

After finish my UPSR, and I get the result, it wasn't that bad actually. I got to wait for my secondary school life starts and waiting for the letter which Secondary school I will be in. I din't get to study in a good school but I get a school which is quite so so only. During that time, there were some school which is famous. And so call the school student all are in good attitude. I realize that is all RUBBISH. Student's attitude is everything up to the person themself. Who say a good school doesnt have bad student? Who say a bad school will not have good student? Again, I transfer to another school and meet new friends....

to be continue..

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