Friday, August 29, 2008

Penang State Merdeka Parade - Rehearsal

I attend this Merdeka parade rehearsal this morning.
Yes I mean around 6am like that.
This year the parade will held at Queensbay Mall, Penang.
So be prepare for traffic jam if you are going to shop at QB unless you are planning to see the parade also.

Thx adrian for lending me his 40D


Here's some brief what's going to happen on that day. 31st August 2008.


Will start with the army in line waiting for the arrival of CM, and other VIP.

Singing Negaraku and State Anthem


Then, there will be speech by VIP, and some BACAAN IKRAR, SAJAK-ing, PANTUN-ing, and some cultural performances.

Especially, BORIA dancing + singing.


Will got to sing again with the artist for raising Jalur Gemilang

Lastly, the parade will start with 8 Askar and follow by Army Band.

And the parade shall end in 20 - 30minutes.

The whole event will be around 2-3hours or more depend on the situation.

For photographers, please be there early to get better angle unless you want to run around.

For those who want to see this parade, be there early too if you want to park your car there.

Remember to bring umbrella in case there will be raining on that day.

Even during the rehearsal, the weather is not that good. Awhile sun, awhile cloudy.


KOKahKOK said...

not from him den ask adrian to get 50d

wenzi said...

ehehe.. ever see b4 people use dSLR shoot like normal compact camera so noob? thats me lo hahaha

maro^gal said...

wow... nice merdeka parade... i never went to see msia's parade b4...