Saturday, August 23, 2008

Marching Band

Alright, the title say everything.

I might need some help here.

So, lets start with this. had you watch DRUMLINE?

OK, I think most of the BAND people will have watch this. I mean, those marching band fella. Was quite a nice movie back in year 2002. If you haven't watch it yet, don't worry.. you can watch the trailer from youtube by typing Drumline.


Next, how about funeral band? I think most of the Chinese will know about this. There will be a few people playing some classical chinese songs while a member of a family pass away and waiting to be bury. er.. I think those ang mo will invite bagpiper to play songs like Amazing Grace right?

Let's not talk about funeral band.. How about DCI?

DCI or known as Drum Corps International, a non-profit association who organize competition every year.

Well if you never heard 1/3 of what I have mention above, now I ask you..

How about Malaysia Marching Band?

Do you know that every year, there will be Secondary School Marching Band Competition held in every state?

Do you know that, there's something call KLWMBC exist in Malaysia recently?

Probably, if you are a school band member, you should have know this.

I need help from you all doing a little bit survey in my blog ok?
There's a Nuffnang Poll at my sidebar, kindly submit your vote and leave comment on this post. I am doing this online survey for my assignment.

-to be continue-


BLue said...

This movie is way too COOL!!! Watch it twice via ASTRO Channel ;p

Anonymous said...

wat is it related to the survey??

Më| §zë said...

i love DCI!!!!!