Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Right after I get my shoe, we went back to hotel and grab our stuff walk over to the LRT/MONORAIL station and go to our next destination.

When we reach, we left our stuff there and took a bath.

Then our first station is SUNWAY PYRAMID.

Due to the place we stay are near PJ. We need to travel a lot by cab and also LRT.

At first, we were so excited to go over to LRT station and to enjoy the public transport.

But after awhile we realize, CAB is more cheaper than LRT sometimes.

For the first time, we asked like 2 cab, both charge us RM20 without using the meter. But we din't go in. So I tell them, if the 3rd one also RM20, then we go in.

Who know that 3rd one he said use meter. We ma up lo.

Tips #1 Obviously less than RM20.

The winner will, get nothing at the moment. Maybe till I got free gift then I will giveaway OK?


The first thing I saw is the DUCK from Sunway Lagoon. Haha. Then I spotted this STARBUCK. Plannig to go have a CUP of GREENTEA ICE BLENDED o_O.


So, we walk around in the mall, while waiting for my brother to fetch us to go for dinner.

Nothing much I can say, this is because I don't have $$ for shopping. Mostly I spend much on FOOD only HAHA.


We found out that a lot of places in KL got this board for people to take photograph. But I don't see a lot of kids want to take photo. Hmm. Maybe is for adult?


As we go with 2 girl, the shop that they-must-go is SASA, SKIN FOOD, BODY SHOP.

So, we got to follow eh lo :D


There is a big Christmas Tree near the entrance. Due to I am using ADRIAN's 40D with 50mm lens only. I cant capture the whole tree. So let it be a part of it only.


Thanks to him, so that I can capture better photo. Maybe.. not.. cos of my skill.



Gratz to those who got good result for their PMR result yesterday. For those who din't get good result, don't be sad. Work harder and you will get what you want. :D

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

the KL trip. episode 1

So, I start my so call KL Trip now yeh?

We reach KL around 12pm ++ its quite late already due to we take 8am bus.

Hmm.. early morning sure got sleepy face,

Once we leave PUDU STATION, we walk over to meet this loving bird.


They just wake up after I called Adrian. Haha, waking them up from their sweet dream.

So, we temporary left our stuff there and go to Petaling Street for our *BRUNCH* (breakfast + lunch)

Look at my food, let you guess how much does it cost me. Haha..
1 plate of fried rice, 2 pieces of pork meat, and a few slices of san-can-bak

We then walk around and I realize that my shoe are in bad condition, meaning open mouth already.

Walking halfway, we saw this SHOE repair people sitting down. So I got to pay RM15 for both side to be repaired. T_T


It took them like 10 minutes to finish it so we take the chance to CAMWHORE.. hahah


Can't expect any better look from me due to the SLEEPY face. Haha


To be continue :D



To start my KL trip post? Hmm

Monday, December 29, 2008

the unprofessional pt1

Well, in this post.. I don't think you guys will see any photo or anything other than my complain. You can skip this post or alt+f4 or you might want to direct click on you X button on top right of your browser. This story is real but I use some other name to replace it so that they won't sue me. I don't have money geh!!

Last month, I was introduced to this company. Let's name it "Company E"

Hmm, from the information I get is, they are offering job for newbie like me.

So I asked for the contact and call the person in-charge for appointment.

Some how, the person who I spoke to is friendly. No I can't use the word friendly, I shall think another word.

The next few day, I went for the interview in their office.

1. They aren't a big company.
2. Don't have much staff working that day.

So, I knocked the door and go in then have some "bla bla bla session with him"

He said something like, we need people now.. as we are re-build our stuff bla bla bla. So I hope that you (which mean ME) if interested, you can come for training to catch up whatever I don't know. Also to understand what kind of company they are. So that I can help them to do whatever they are giving me to do.

Without thinking much, I reply him with OK, no problem. Since that I am interested in whatever they are doing, and willing to learn from them. I even introduce my friend to go interview after that.

I am so damn excited after I finished the interview. I called my friend and ask him to go interview on the next day.

After the next day, I asked my friend how was the interview.
He tell me all the stuff, which is almost same like what I know during my interview.

So both of us get so excited and look forward for the so-call-training by them.

Like 1 week later,

We go over to the office and start our LESSON 1.

Their so call programmer come and talk to us telling us what is they job.

Showing us some basic thing for about 30mins plus

After that, he give us a small test to see we can catch up or not.

So both of us share what we can remember and do whatever he ask us to do before he walk out.

As we completed, he came in again, and check.. and say something like "that's good for beginner"

Both of us like.. wow.. he say good for beginner leh..

Then the guy say, "well, give us 2 week and we will call you for further information."

We say OK and happily go home and prepare to go other place.

The real thing come now.

We waited for 2 weeks. 14day.

I ask my friend to call them and ask about the job offering.

They tell him that their WHO WHO WHO will send us a mail later(which on the same day)

So I wait for the mail, till midnight I still haven't receive any mail from them.

I think, fine then, maybe tomorrow they will send it to me.

The next day, I check my mail again and there is no mail from them again.

So I start to TULAN already.

1. If you are not hiring anymore, at least give me a call. If you don't have money to CALL. Then, SMS me or even EMAIL me. It wont cost you MUCH man!
2. What's the point giving us the LESSON but you don't even want to confirm to hire us or not?
3. Why tell us that your company are hiring people but you all don't inform us anything about the job after that?
4. We waited for 3 week include your 2 WEEK of confirmation. But still you guy don't even want to EMAIL us.
5. We feel like call you up and start screwing you. We just don't want to waste our credit on such unprofessional company.

If I am the boss, will you be TULAN?
I tell you that my company are hiring.
I tell you that I will confirm with you in 2 week time.
I tell you that I will email you later again for the confirmation.

In the end, you get nothing but some PORN, VIAGRA, OR WHATEVER STUFF in your JUNK MAIL except the mail I promising you.


sharing this b4 end of '08.. not going to think about it again during '09.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

the.. SXIMB Dinner

Now I shall start slowly update my blog. Hmm

Left 3 more days and then we going to say BYE 08 and HI 09.

Anyway, today's topic is..
The band dinner..

Actually... I dont plan to go for the dinner this year. But I heard that they are doing buffet style, so I choose to go. I still remember last year.. They do don't know what BBQ.

So, I got to play RM16 x 2 and just for EATING purpose only. I know what they going to do, and same goes every year. TAK ADA MAJU LANGSUNG. (never improve at all).

They same gang I always go with..
back from left to right: ME! MY DEAR, Jiunn Terng, Alex Chua, Derek Cheah
front from left to right: Wei Lian, Yong Hu, Wei Tatt's GF, Wei Tatt.

But, something out of my expectation this year.
They SUDAH MAJU (already improve)

For this year dinner, is just like you are attending SXIMB Idol, or SUPERSTAR, or whatever talent show you can think of. I can't imagine that those band member can actually SING.

They even perform duet or something. Duhh..


This year, the food.. I can say.. is not WORTH for the price I am paying.

The food they provide, is not nice at all. CAN EAT ONLY.
I still remember that day when I ask for a bowl of ICE KACANG.
Damn, they put the ICE so FEW. BUT the SWEET INGREDIENT is so DAMN A A LOT.


I just don't understand why do we have to present the ticket when we line up for our turns to take the food.

Of course, this REDSWIFT here is PERFORMING on the stage. He is trying to get new member for his club maybe?

I leave early, because I feel that my dear is getting bored and EMO. Haha. So in the end, we left without thinking much.


The next day, Derek MSN me and..

(10:48 PM) --|DC-WM|--: u very lucky u didnt stay till the end
(10:48 PM) 蚊子 - Pipit 2nd: apasal
(10:48 PM) 蚊子 - Pipit 2nd: lecture section ar
(10:49 PM) --|DC-WM|--: no
(10:49 PM) --|DC-WM|--: very shocking thing
(10:49 PM) --|DC-WM|--: got duet by two pondan
(10:49 PM) 蚊子 - Pipit 2nd: apa yang menshockkan
(10:49 PM) 蚊子 - Pipit 2nd: LOL
who is the PONDAN
(10:49 PM) --|DC-WM|--: sing girl song
(10:49 PM) --|DC-WM|--: i dunnno who
(10:49 PM) 蚊子 - Pipit 2nd: omg omg member lai ar
(10:49 PM) --|DC-WM|--: yeah
(10:49 PM) --|DC-WM|--: member lai la
(10:49 PM) --|DC-WM|--: one clarinet one flute
(10:49 PM) --|DC-WM|--: they sing they pose their hand lembut
(10:49 PM) 蚊子 - Pipit 2nd: omg omg
(10:49 PM) 蚊子 - Pipit 2nd: yiakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
(10:50 PM) 蚊子 - Pipit 2nd: lucky i lari liao ngek ngek
(10:50 PM) --|DC-WM|--: end with this performance somemore
(10:50 PM) --|DC-WM|--: we are all "............ -___________-"
(10:54 PM) 蚊子 - Pipit 2nd: lol
(10:54 PM) 蚊子 - Pipit 2nd: swt
(10:54 PM) 蚊子 - Pipit 2nd: so gay meh
(10:54 PM) --|DC-WM|--: erm
(10:54 PM) --|DC-WM|--: u ask ping thing la
(10:58 PM) --|DC-WM|--: their song somemore called bye bye

Sunday, December 21, 2008

yEAAlor Exhibition random post

Maybe I am back to Penang already.. not sure.. anyway.. today is Sunday.. there will be Chingay Parade tonite.. from Padang Brown to Esplanade if not mistaken.

Here I share some photo of exhibition k? less talk more K?
IMG_ (73)_resize

IMG_ (71)_resize

IMG_ (70)_resize

IMG_ (452)_resize

IMG_ (444)_resize

IMG_ (98)_resize

IMG_ (424)_resize

IMG_ (409)_resize

IMG_ (218)_resize

If you cant find me in some photo mean I am not there. I am doing something else.. last minute preparation.

Saturday, December 20, 2008


It's 3rd day in KL, today will be going for the pipit anniversary 2 event @ Zouk, KL

This happen last few day in QB Mall, Penang.

If you saw a big giant doraemon around the center part, please go around there as there will be some game going on. Hmm let see..


I can't make sure if the emcee is still the same person but I think will be the same person. His name is David.... he telling cold jokes all the way... only laugh himself =.=


anyway, we move on to the next thing.. hmm..

they having a kids jigsaw puzzle competition. See which kids can solve the 9 boxes jigsaw puzzle fastest.


Then, there is around like 10 kids going up on stage.



Then the.. David give the kids some voucher.. after he completed the game..


another emcee, joanne. or something like that I dono..


some kids.. getting bored HAHA


and finally the time we have been waiting for!! jeng jeng jeng!!


The first to come out is the BIG BULLY GIANT.. clap clap..


Followed by NOBITA, SINYU and SIZUKA!


Last but not least.. DO RA E MON!!! OMG he is F**king CUTE man!!


They come out and walk around.. saying hi hi and bye bye ..

Before that, some family get the chance to take photo with them.. OMG OMG..


I tell my dear, if I can go up to the stage and take photo with them..

I will ask Doraemon want to play SCISSOR, ROCK, PAPER bo.. haha =.=

Friday, December 19, 2008


I am currently in KL now. Hope can meet some blogger today ^_^

Last few weeks, I follow my friend go to QB Mall again. This time is to see ASIMO.


Quite many people crowd there to see ASIMO also. Buatan Jepun. Macam Transformer? -.-


Anyway, while I am looking at the big screen, I see one of my friend were there too. He took part in cut and stick the small ASIMO model.

Those who completed it will stand a chance to take photo with ASIMO on the stage later on.


The EMCEE.. I don't know his name.


Some interactive session with ASIMO.


ASIMO showing of his painting skill.


Leading kids to dance.


ASIMO serving one of the contestant with drinks.

Last but not least, group photo for my friend ^_^