Thursday, December 4, 2008

bomb addicted

holla.. no matter how I must dig something to post here right?


currently i am jobless..

doing nothing

but everyday dota dota...

but then this few days.. i am addicted to..

ta dahh~~ is BOMBERMAN LAND

if u r asking why i am playing this GINNA(mean kids) game..

This is bcos its FUN man!!

I realize that there is 3 version of this game..
one is for PSP
another is for Wii
and not forget.. NDS too.
I am playing the PSP's version..

It fu**ing COOL. haha..

Well, I am playing the story mode type. HAHA

will update more about it next time LOL

Anyway.. i will be working @ Penang PIKOM PC FAIR. HAHA

go SPOT me bah LOL

Till then .. :D


Më| §zë said...

i like bomberman for NDS...

BeverLy's Secret said...

I wish to get a Nintendo DS for such a loooong time, super bore with my Wii :'(

But i'm broke at this moment...