Thursday, December 11, 2008

upcoming week :D

Some how, I manage to make my whole week busy with stuff and etc..

First of all, this coming sunday..
I will be taking part in Starwalk click for previous post.. Bwahahah..
only in freewalk category.

After that, will be joining this
what a bloggiful world

what a bloggiful world ^_^.. its time to meet some blogger? hmm

Monday should be resting and preparing for Tuesday..

On tuesday, I will be helping out for my brother shop opening @ Perak Road.

Wednesday night will be attending my Band Annual dinner. but thats maybe only..

Thursday will be leaving to KL

Friday in KL, planning to meet blogger again ^_^ anyone??

Saturday, Pipit Anniversary 2

Sunday, Comic Fiesta


hope that every go smoothly.. :D haha

1 comment:

Cheryl-Jiaween said...

Oh... Starwalk huh...I'll be there too!! Who else is going?? I initially registered for competition category but ended up in the non-competition...hahaha...
So we can meet up there! Contact then.