Saturday, December 22, 2007

Star Walk 2007

What a lovely morning.... a lovely morning that we almost fly already together with khan khan's car.. hahah.

we were late when reach sams 's house. cos.. we are late already. but luckily from his house to P.I.S.A is quite near.. with few short cut.. so we manage to reach their before they going to start.
Meanwhile.. I manage to snap a LOVELY morning's view. =_=//. Once reach there straight away meet miss hplww<< then go to register together.

By the time we reach the place.. we was counted late also la.. cos a lot of people waiting to WALK liao. and we met our principle and his son. So hio.. we manage to take a small group photo before we start to... WALK. .
After taking photo.. we start our 10KM journey. While walking pass some STARWALKERS.. Saw these YELLOW COVERAGE FELLA. yes.. is YELLOW COVERAGE FELLA.. not YELLOW MANS/WOMANS or YELLOW CREATURES.
Hahah.. some of them feel that .. those FELLA looks ugly.. but.. I dont think so.. cos everyone so happily take photo with them neh... :D hahhahas
But I realize 1 thing that they lie to us..

I am a DIGI user.. and in their advertisment ar.. they say.. I WILL FOLLOW U.. but then I dint see any YCF follow me also... walk till finish dint even see 1 Fella follow me leh... "LAU GINNA" meh? Hahahs

That day.. Starwalkers are the most BIG liao.. even the traffic jam like train liao ar.. still have to wait those starwalkers like me.. slowly walk pass and take photo.. Bwhahahha..
Some even took shortcut to finish it.. earlier.. but same la.. 10km sure 10 km..

it's still a longggggggggggggggggggggg road to walk..
because of longggggggggggggggggggg road.. 3 of them keep talking nonstop.... bla bla bla.. crap crap crap.. and bla bla bla again.. hahahs..
tell you what.. that day really 人山人海 eh.. dont understand this 4 chinese word? later i will translate into english .. keep on looking la..
this is sam.. acting like.. 1 of the HIP HOP STARWALKERS.. hahah.. pai seh la... he look more like.. i also dono..
finally walk and walk.. crap and crap.. bla and bla.. we reach the STAR HQ and we reach our CHECK POINT.. we get our second ribbon. oh ya.. at 1st we get.. RED ribbon. then our secone ribbon is GREEN ribbon. So both colour combine liao.. really got CHRISTMAS FEEL leh.. hahahass..
Of course.. during this CP.. got free drinks la... 100 Plus.. a good gas drink compare to others..
Sommore can refill ehh.. mai siao siao.. Alot of cups there.. for u to drink.. scare u don want drink nia.. hahha
and in the end.. u can see those lap sap liao.. hahahaha.. everywhere near the CP there.. LAPSAP.. =.=
As you can see.. from the road sign.. where we heading.. hahha BALIK PULAU.. omg.. LOL
or we heading to AIRPORT?? fly to other place looo.. :D
While walking half way.. saw this mother helping her daughter to massage her leg.. So nice :D
And ar... this photo below.. make me kena slap and whack by the gurl in the picture.. haha.. i tot she know that i am taking photo cos i was holding my camera high and ready to snap a photo behind her.. mana tau ar.. she ran to camera and.. CHAK!!!.. kena.. =.=""
Ok I translate now.. really "people mountain people sea" la that day.. So many people ehh hahahs..
I think ah eng sien till want be monk.. niam keng.. namo namo.. when can reach.. namo namo..
while he niam keng there.. I walking faster and faster and faster.. cut dono how many people liao.. cos is going up hill sommore.. until i leave them far behind.. swt.. so i am alone now.... but lucky got alot of people there lo.. So i wont get lost there ^^ .. aiya.. lost also nvm la.. Straight road ..
Walk pass this markas tentera 2
and i continue walk walk walk walk then i saw something infront.... omg... is the PISA stadiumm.. take a corner turn and saw a banner..
a closer view of the banner.. arrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.. is the FINISH banner.. thx god... i finish my 10km walk.. bwahhahah..
After I pass the finish sign.. got to return the ribbon to them.. cheh.. tot can take back home as souvenier or something.. mana tau.. chiuu.. but.. ok also la.. use 2 ribbon exchange with 1 lucky draw ticket. but then me no lucky also.. dint get anytthing...
and i met mr loke at there.. so we togehter wait for them.
while waiting 3 of them walking to finish line.. I saw my principle and felix walk to finish line..
I was think.. eh wat happen? i tot they were ahead me.. why I finish liao they now only reach? then I ask Felix what happen.. and he told me.. "we stop halfway and eat roti bakar la" .. wah lau eh... eat roti bakar drink coffee sommore no ajak hahhaha...
See eng and sam.. so happy when they reach.... wait.. where is miss hplww?? hahhas..
So all of us.. finish.. 10km walk.. aiya.. easy la.. lolxx
Some view that feel like many people around stadium area... but is really alot lo.. mai siao siao..

and of course we go get free MILO drinks.. free ORANGE, free 100plus and free SNOWFLAKES. After fill our stomach with this free free free free stuff.. we walk into the arena..
to get some air cond..
inside also alot of people.. waiting for result and lucky draw result..
while the digi having some contest up there.. I ask hplww to join.. and lucky she was the 10th person to go up.
what they nid to do is to dance.. and let the crowd to vote.. too bad hplww din win but she get some freebies by digi. hahahs.. the winner manage to grab a NOKIA 2626 phone.. A colour screen phone lai.. can keep up to 300contacts. and so on.. nothing much special. by the way.. the number a bit sucks.. 2 = ji.. 6= lat.. =.= so.. it became... u noe la.. hahahs..
Before we leaving.. our PM also want balik.. so let them out 1st.. And I manage to snap a photo..
PM: Gimme 5!! :D
Thats all lo.. then we go back.. and rest.. then go to KDU for the playground event. I reach home nia headache like hell .. haihs..
later will post about my apartment stay.. :D

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Aurora said...

cannot wake up so late reach there...the FELLA wont follow u la,coz u more ugly than tham...if u lost at there sure nvm la,coz can stay with monkey mah...haha...