Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Penang Pesta Music Indoor Competition

On the 15th Dec, there are competition like Battle Of The Drum and Band Display at B'worth there.

The result of winner is:
Battle Of The Drum - Penang Free School
Band Display - Union High School

Cos of I am having artcamp on 15th, so I dint get to watch it live there. So no photo for that 2 competition. But on 16th, the Music Indoor Competition I got go. So check out some photo here.

The first band to perform is Chung Hwa Confucian
Followed by SXI

Then Bagan Jaya

Chung Ling B'worth
Chung Ling Penang

Jit Sin
and Heng Ee
While waiting for result, the crowd was entertained by SK Wind Band, from Selangor if not mistaken =.=
The Judges..
Air Itam eh Big Boss hahaha
After the performance by SK Wind Band and Speech by the VIP, the result was out
GOLD: Chung Ling Bworth
Chung Ling Penang
Jit Sin
Heng Ee ( Champion )
Silver: SGGS
BM High
Bronze : SXI
Bagan Jaya
Opss missing 1 band =.= forget who already.. DIE la... hahha
And so, Heng Ee was the champion for this year :D Congrats to them and they deserve it :D

Lastly of course take photo with xinyun and joelene, hahah I aint "chee ko". It just I nvr take photo with them before.
"My own comments about the photo that I shot.... I was lazy to walk up to stage to snap in better angle. So most of it I just sit there and snap. Plus I know I week in indoor photo already... haihs.."


lonelyguy23 said...

hai guy.. u know xinyun ? she is my friend too... we took picture at tat nite too.. i dunno whether u see me or not .. haha
i recognized ur name.. wenzi .. i think see it in Voteband.. haha

wenzi said...

hi there, hahah, yea i know her. i think i saw u but not sure which one is u. yeap i register as wenzi in voteband :D nice to meet u

Joe-Lene said...

crap.. take photo also chee ko meh =.=""

-blueminer- said...

aih crap la that nite they played so horribly....but heng ee rly good la