Monday, December 10, 2007

Penang 1st Street Dance Competition

I watch the final today at New World Park. Only left 6 team which is

*Breaking Force - 1st
*Floor Trickerz - 2nd
*Team Forza - 3rd
*Spin Breakers - Conso
*D.E.C.K - Conso
*Blazer's Crew - Conso

That night I was very excited and very dissapointed.

Excited is because I watch the dance competition in near and all team did a great performences.

Dissapointed is because I don't know the first round they dance is the dance they did last 2 weeks. Plus I wasted my batteries life on the first part. So I miss the Final part include the part when Danzity's dance and also Kevin's animation dance. Soooo SAD! HAIH..

Due to the photo most of it are very blur + noise because of the enviroment. Thats all I can post it up here. Sorryyyy.

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