Friday, December 7, 2007

KLWMBC - Kuala Lumpur World Marching Band Competition

As some of you all know, I am a ex band member from SXI, Penang. I think some previous post the I post up here already show that I am.

This month there will be a KLWMBC held at KL from 11th Dec till 15th Dec.

This is the first time for Malaysia to have such competition. Normally is only National Level Competition for every year.

Too bad, Really toooooo bad.. I can't make it to this coming competition. The whole week is full with things to do.

1st, it's my presentation week in college. Need to prepare quite many things and finish up my assignment. Now is already week 7.

2nd, during the weekend, there will be another event.. and another event again. OMG.

Thats why I am not able to watch the competition live!

For those who at KL know bout it. Share with me photos and videos if you capture somes. Appreciate it alot.

Anyway for those who want to know more about this KLWMBC, kindly visit this link.

Bye.. for now..

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Keena said...

You write very well.