Thursday, January 31, 2008


Let see how much you all understand about the sign when you see it outside.

A sign is very useful and give meaning to it. For example: see pic below
No entry means.. Cannot go thru the "door". Cannot pass. Understand about it after see the pic?

Alright next, normally when you go out to shopping, especially when you hangout at those shop that selling fragile item.

They will put a sign, Nice to see, Nice to Touch, Once Broken, Consider Sold. Understand what that means? It mean if you break it, you got to buy it.

But what if the sign only show, "please do not touch?" Well, see pic below

Saw it? What it mean "Please do not touch" ?

ok next, some house they will put "Beware of Dog". It mean their house got dog. But it din't show what dog is it in their house.

And sometimes you will see that people say "Sorry, lack of worker, SELF SERVICE please"

So what this mean? Mean you got to do it yourself.

Don't get what I mean? Look at the example at Pic below.

Lastly, again Beware Of Dog.. Ehem.. It will BITE YOU. Haha

Saturday, January 26, 2008


I finally get my own pet dog :D Soooooooooooo HAPPPPPPPPPYYYYYY
her name is LUI LUI in cantonese

will update more on her soon :D ^^

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Cousin's Bday~~

Last weekend, went to Genting Hill to celebrate my cousin's burday~
Actually, suppose to celebrate at gurney's Chilli's but then at first the ladies say that they cant make it cos one of them having headache. So plan cancel and me and the other couz end up with KFC at my house.

Then he receive call from them that they coming over to my house and then go out eat.
Too bad was, they not sure the route to the place.. So, we just like ROUND penang island that day. Planned to see sunset at there but.. FAIL.
Here's my brother with the COW~ heheh. The enviroment there was nice. Quite romantic ler.. if go with gf/bf haha.

The food... emmm.. not bad sia..
The one at the right side is the birthday gurl.. haha both my cousin ^^
My other cousin with my bro..
See, birthday must smile big big...
The night scene from hill top.. too bad.. ISO 400 already gone case hahaha.
A group photo with em~ Set timer 10 sec run..
Use this chance to wish:
Happy Birthday to Rebx
Happy Birthday to Vivian
Happy Birthday to Sherly (my couz)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

worm threaten me

Something suprise me today.


My AVG, Anti Virus.


Scanned my laptop


Auto Scan


See the pic below
What the fu*k?? Saw the amount of THREATS?? It is OMFG!!!

Cannot believe it, the anti virus so good. Help me detect/find so many worms that threatening me.

But.. previously the anti virus I using dint detect so much. But why this time?

Those "WORM" auto create a .exe file in every folder I have.

And... my friend yesterday did mention about, AVG Free version is nonsense. They create virus and clean the virus themself!! wtf!~

Saturday, January 19, 2008

currently not available

dear frens... my house connection currently not available.. so if dint reply pls forgive me ^^
will be back here to reply when i am done ~ thx..~

Monday, January 14, 2008

Karen Kong's Album Promo @ Png

As some of you who visit my blog recently, there's a music played right? Its a song by Karen Kong with title Showtime : 表演

I'm not a big fan of her but her songs was nice. That make me support her. And also support local ma :D
Anyway, like what my title said.. she will be having her album promo at Penang soon. Actually she already went to some places already, and we be in Penang soon. So if you are a fans of her, why don't you go and support her? She will be at :

19/01/2008 (Saturday)
1pm - Prangin Mall, Penang
5pm - The Summit, Bukit Mertajam
9.30pm - JURU Halo Cafe

20/01/2008 (Sunday)
2.30pm - Megamall, Penang
5pm - Gurney Plaza, Penang
8pm - Penang New World Park

more information bout where she will be going later on, click > here <
Happy 20th Birthday to Derek Cheah Wan Ming :D
celebrate @ Sushi King

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Happy Birthday AhPek Chua!!

the guy in the middle :D

Sunday, January 6, 2008

My Hometown, her view.

During the sem break, with my unwillingly heart, I followed my eldest bro back to hometown. A place where located in Kedah. My hometown is after Baling, the name call Kroh a.k.a Pengkalan Hulu.
Normally we will back there together during Chinese New Year, or maybe during Cheng Beng. The place for me and my cousin all families reunion.

Basically, I just follow my brother back there to accompany him. He just want go back to visit my uncle and some relatives there.
For me, I go there = I can bored till die. No online, no friends.. no no no.. But.. luckily got the camera. At least, I wont get bored for some moment.
Well, the day we reach there. Me and my brother together with 1 guy go Betong, Thai. So we pass thru the custom and the we are in Betong. Yeap, my hometown there very near Thai.

Follow them go Betong so don't have good kang tao one. So.. I get bored again there. Follow them go few disco and get some drinks.. Beer -.-" wonder why they so like Heineken.
Dint stay overnight at Betong so I went back my uncle there. For the second day.. I spend the day sleeping and watch tv. Thats all. Till the last day, Malaysian's ex-F1 racer Alex Yoong and his who who who having some promo/roadshow/watever in one of the school. Together with their A1 Car.. Nothing special actually. =.=
The bus that we sit from Pengkalan Hulu to Baling bus stand. Crocroach again.. << how to spell liao? =.= dam... So.. end it just like that lo =.="

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

"P"Review of 2007

Seems like everyone also doing their "P"Review in blog. So I also don't want to lose a bit. So I decide to show you people "what i've done".

During CNY, went to China together with my parent to visit my eldest brother and his family there. Also celebrate CNY there too.

During March, attend Mohan's farewell party. He's leaving to Manipal to further his study.

Potluck party at Vivian's House
Trip to KL, Pipit 1st Anniversary

Join a contest organized by Giordano with 3 others classmate. Conso Prize only.

Farewell party for Jiunn Terng and Cavan Chiam.. My SXIMB die hard frens.

Attend a talk by Gilamon's Michael and Lefty and watch Brave Story

Of course, I perform with my band for ROLF Cup Semifinal in Penang.

Not less also in Chingay Parade this year.

Took part in Toyota Vios "Black Canvas" Conso Prize. Get experience alot.

Actually in 2007, quite many thing happen around me. Which is include sadness and happy moment. To list them all down, is quite hard for me now because is TOO many already. So I just post some which is quite important and meaningful for me. Not to say others is not meaningful, it just I pick some to post up here to share with u all.

anyway, i wont be around in penang from 3rd Jan to 5th Jan. So wont be updating blog at this moment. I would like to wish everyone Happy 2008 : ^^

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year 2008

Warmest Greetings from me Peter aka WenZi to all my blog reader.