Monday, January 14, 2008

Karen Kong's Album Promo @ Png

As some of you who visit my blog recently, there's a music played right? Its a song by Karen Kong with title Showtime : 表演

I'm not a big fan of her but her songs was nice. That make me support her. And also support local ma :D
Anyway, like what my title said.. she will be having her album promo at Penang soon. Actually she already went to some places already, and we be in Penang soon. So if you are a fans of her, why don't you go and support her? She will be at :

19/01/2008 (Saturday)
1pm - Prangin Mall, Penang
5pm - The Summit, Bukit Mertajam
9.30pm - JURU Halo Cafe

20/01/2008 (Sunday)
2.30pm - Megamall, Penang
5pm - Gurney Plaza, Penang
8pm - Penang New World Park

more information bout where she will be going later on, click > here <

1 comment:

Adrian said...

oo...u were refering to her...
actually still dunno who is she.
i not sure i'm coming annot cause that day is my friends birthday, dunno will be attending annot. see 1st lo~