Thursday, January 31, 2008


Let see how much you all understand about the sign when you see it outside.

A sign is very useful and give meaning to it. For example: see pic below
No entry means.. Cannot go thru the "door". Cannot pass. Understand about it after see the pic?

Alright next, normally when you go out to shopping, especially when you hangout at those shop that selling fragile item.

They will put a sign, Nice to see, Nice to Touch, Once Broken, Consider Sold. Understand what that means? It mean if you break it, you got to buy it.

But what if the sign only show, "please do not touch?" Well, see pic below

Saw it? What it mean "Please do not touch" ?

ok next, some house they will put "Beware of Dog". It mean their house got dog. But it din't show what dog is it in their house.

And sometimes you will see that people say "Sorry, lack of worker, SELF SERVICE please"

So what this mean? Mean you got to do it yourself.

Don't get what I mean? Look at the example at Pic below.

Lastly, again Beware Of Dog.. Ehem.. It will BITE YOU. Haha

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