Sunday, January 6, 2008

My Hometown, her view.

During the sem break, with my unwillingly heart, I followed my eldest bro back to hometown. A place where located in Kedah. My hometown is after Baling, the name call Kroh a.k.a Pengkalan Hulu.
Normally we will back there together during Chinese New Year, or maybe during Cheng Beng. The place for me and my cousin all families reunion.

Basically, I just follow my brother back there to accompany him. He just want go back to visit my uncle and some relatives there.
For me, I go there = I can bored till die. No online, no friends.. no no no.. But.. luckily got the camera. At least, I wont get bored for some moment.
Well, the day we reach there. Me and my brother together with 1 guy go Betong, Thai. So we pass thru the custom and the we are in Betong. Yeap, my hometown there very near Thai.

Follow them go Betong so don't have good kang tao one. So.. I get bored again there. Follow them go few disco and get some drinks.. Beer -.-" wonder why they so like Heineken.
Dint stay overnight at Betong so I went back my uncle there. For the second day.. I spend the day sleeping and watch tv. Thats all. Till the last day, Malaysian's ex-F1 racer Alex Yoong and his who who who having some promo/roadshow/watever in one of the school. Together with their A1 Car.. Nothing special actually. =.=
The bus that we sit from Pengkalan Hulu to Baling bus stand. Crocroach again.. << how to spell liao? =.= dam... So.. end it just like that lo =.="

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Adrian said...

walau... don't copy me la...

to be continue summore >"<