Thursday, January 24, 2008

Cousin's Bday~~

Last weekend, went to Genting Hill to celebrate my cousin's burday~
Actually, suppose to celebrate at gurney's Chilli's but then at first the ladies say that they cant make it cos one of them having headache. So plan cancel and me and the other couz end up with KFC at my house.

Then he receive call from them that they coming over to my house and then go out eat.
Too bad was, they not sure the route to the place.. So, we just like ROUND penang island that day. Planned to see sunset at there but.. FAIL.
Here's my brother with the COW~ heheh. The enviroment there was nice. Quite romantic ler.. if go with gf/bf haha.

The food... emmm.. not bad sia..
The one at the right side is the birthday gurl.. haha both my cousin ^^
My other cousin with my bro..
See, birthday must smile big big...
The night scene from hill top.. too bad.. ISO 400 already gone case hahaha.
A group photo with em~ Set timer 10 sec run..
Use this chance to wish:
Happy Birthday to Rebx
Happy Birthday to Vivian
Happy Birthday to Sherly (my couz)

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