Wednesday, January 2, 2008

"P"Review of 2007

Seems like everyone also doing their "P"Review in blog. So I also don't want to lose a bit. So I decide to show you people "what i've done".

During CNY, went to China together with my parent to visit my eldest brother and his family there. Also celebrate CNY there too.

During March, attend Mohan's farewell party. He's leaving to Manipal to further his study.

Potluck party at Vivian's House
Trip to KL, Pipit 1st Anniversary

Join a contest organized by Giordano with 3 others classmate. Conso Prize only.

Farewell party for Jiunn Terng and Cavan Chiam.. My SXIMB die hard frens.

Attend a talk by Gilamon's Michael and Lefty and watch Brave Story

Of course, I perform with my band for ROLF Cup Semifinal in Penang.

Not less also in Chingay Parade this year.

Took part in Toyota Vios "Black Canvas" Conso Prize. Get experience alot.

Actually in 2007, quite many thing happen around me. Which is include sadness and happy moment. To list them all down, is quite hard for me now because is TOO many already. So I just post some which is quite important and meaningful for me. Not to say others is not meaningful, it just I pick some to post up here to share with u all.

anyway, i wont be around in penang from 3rd Jan to 5th Jan. So wont be updating blog at this moment. I would like to wish everyone Happy 2008 : ^^

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Adrian said...

well done... u had pass 2007 meaningfully. hope that 2008 would be great too.