Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My Heart Longs For You - MV

Erm, well.. this is a music video did by my friend Radius for his Multimedia assignment.

The songs name is My Heart Longs For You.

Song Definition
The message in this song is we all as humans have emptiness and brokenness is our heart because we didn’t received enough love and acceptance in our society. For this reason we tend to go and look the things in the world that we think could actually fill the emptiness of our hearts but all of these are just temporary fulfillment and non lasting. Only the unconditional and unfailing love from God the Father can fill this emptiness in our heart

definition copy from Radius

9 Emperor Festival 2008.

Short Crap: Finally I am back to blog. Just finish my graduation showcase last week and feel that my work is not that good. Damnn.. Anyway, I am now back here to update my blog.

This year, I followed my brothers to "escort/send/accompany/whatever you call" to join this parade.


For me, parade is nothing but FUN. Since that I used to march during my high school days.


So, we reach the temple around 8pm, and waiting for the other road's temple to reach our place. Then we only start to walk. There's a piercing session before start.


Feel that this year don't have much people follow. Don't know why =.=


Our last station will be at Kelawai Road, passing few more temple to pray and they did a lot of stuff. Which I don't understand at all.

Next update, I think will be about my graduation showcase.

Friday, October 24, 2008

i will be back!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

time vs work vs emo

president of emo club: khor rui yang aka radius
vice president of emo club: teoh chin seng
kelefeh of emo club: wenzi

Lucky I got this 2 emo guy to come my house and do work together. or else.. sure cannot finish ler..

presentation on Monday - 6/10/2008..

this time sure kanna EMO lo..