Sunday, October 5, 2008

time vs work vs emo

president of emo club: khor rui yang aka radius
vice president of emo club: teoh chin seng
kelefeh of emo club: wenzi

Lucky I got this 2 emo guy to come my house and do work together. or else.. sure cannot finish ler..

presentation on Monday - 6/10/2008..

this time sure kanna EMO lo..


Kuntong said...

walao.... really working hard thr la...
see the room...hahahaha
anyway, wish u all the best in ur presentation... =)

KOKahKOK said...

dun emo....kambadeh....we wait ur logo haha

Adrian said...

gambatte oo
emo guys = )

迷迭香 said...

oh.... sofa is not for sitting de XD