Friday, May 30, 2008

Penang Hill

In this episode, I will show you Penang Hill aight?

For those who don't know, Penang Hill is one of the "famous" tourism spot in Penang. It located near Kek Lok Si. Around Air Itam area. Basically, Penang Hill is just like a Hill.. Just a higher hill located in Penang OK?

Penang Hill

7am something, after Sams fetch me at my house, then we go fetch Jia Hui, Mun Kwan and Ah Eng. Yes missing 1 person. Khan Khan did not join us. He "curi ayam" a night before that. Jkjk..

Penang Hill
It's still early, after SAM buy the ticket for us, wow he belanja us :D.. as if he will T_T..
Anyway, we wait for the "cable car" to reach the bottom. We spend like half an hour for only waiting the car to reach.. And spend 10 - 15 mins for the car to move top. =.=

Penang Hill

Penang Hill
Penang Hill
I like this 2 photo. :D The "car" getting more and more people go in. Most of them are the worker there. Because of there are a few stop when going up, so we total waste around 1 hour to reach the top. =.=
Penang Hill
Introduce you, the lizargator of Penang Hill.. Jeng Jeng Jeng~

Penang Hill
The binocular there now are free for use. No need put money already. Free of course go use it ler..

Penang Hill
Then, Eng spotted this, Denda membuang sampah. Means, u got to throw rubbish there cos u did something wrong K?

Penang Hill
Penang Hill
While it's still early, we got nothing to do, we walk to the playground near the indian temple. The weather there was so refreshing, so we take a break playing there.

Penang Hill
One of the "game" we played. Everytime, one of the person in front got to climb up, then slide down while sitting sideway, the front who cannot stay there when the upper person come down, he lose. This game is damm bad for me... Cos me too skinny T_T. Can say become sandwiches after that. Haihs.
Penang Hill
Eng getting bored and he play hide and seek with Sam when he was sleeping.
Penang Hill
Then he go disturb Jia Hui.
Penang Hill
自戀狂!! LOL
Penang Hill
Sam say.. he wish he could have such a big "......"
Penang Hill
Then, they start to do "wu liao" thing already. See who can carry who longer :D
Sam carrying Eng
Penang Hill
Eng Carry Sam
Penang Hill
Jia Hui carry Eng
Penang Hill
Jia Hui carry Mun Kwan.

Everyone was looking at them.. Especially when Jia Hui scream... Ehemm... =.=

Anyway, after enough of that, we decided to go down and go for our breakfast.

Got a lot of kindergarden's kids there. So cute LOLx
Penang Hill

So... Like that lo.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Just Back from Trip

Ello everybody, must be wondering why I so late only reply your cbox message? What? No? =.=

Just back from Alor Star trip with my classmate. Post it up soon.. After a few post later.

Anyway, my final Semester gonna start soon.

Wish me luck LOL

Upcoming post:

Salvation Army 70th Anniversary Day 1 n Day 2
Little Penang
Alor Star Trip

Monday, May 26, 2008

Wesak Day

Wesak Day, also known as Buddha Birthday.. This is to significance the birth, enlightenment and passing away of Buddha.

Malaysia is one of the country that celebrate Wesak Day every year.

So as a buddhist, every year I will follow my parents to pray as well. And every year there will be a parade for this Wesak Day. Normally they will start from the main buddha society there and round some town area in Penang.

But before that, we will go to temple for praying and bath the buddha. Too bad, during my National Service.. I forget what they taught me already. Or else I can tell some history about the Wesak Day. Last year I celebrate during my National Service time.

Buddhist practice 8 precepts.

Not to kill
Not to steal
Not to engage in improper sexual activity
Not to indulge in wrong speech
Not to take intoxicating drinks and drugs
To abstain from taking food at unreasonable times
To refrain from sensual pleasures such as dancing, singing and self-adornment
To refrain from using high and luxurious seats in order to practice humility.


During that night, me and my few friend went for the Wesak Parade. We were there quite early so we had our dinner first before we wait at Burmah Road there.


Before that, I ask one of the uncle from the temple more details for that parade. So he tell me what time reach there and from where to where. He treat me like a tourist. :D



and then, the police start to do their roadblock thing. Which mean they gonna reach the place we wait.


Then contigent by contigent from everywhere in Penang walk pass through us. Some float is decorate with colourful lighting and flowers.


And some float got people sing also. So the whole procession wont bored. Can see different thing.


The whole thing pass my place in 1 hour plus like tht. So.. that's all about it.

Photo taken w/o flash n high ISO. Sry for blur image and some bad image.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Any idea mah?

Yo people out there :D

Currently I am thinking to open another blog..

Only for event, introduce some place to go, celebration..

So I am thinking a name for that blog :D

OK.. I know some of u gonna screw me cos I cant even manage 1 blog now want add another blog.. So.. Anyone n C n C please??

The blur blur hunniee say I too free.. So she tag me again..

1. What is the show you hope to watch now?
I don't know leh? Got what new movie now? Narnia? =.=

2. Given the chance, what special ability/power would you like to have?
Recently addicted to some FF thing. Maybe? But great power = great responsibility. Gimme normal eh can d.. :D

3. What do you think of your brother(s)/sister(s)?
Ada macam tak ada.. have like dun have.

4. Where is the place that you want to go the most?
Some where that wont have problem? its impossible bah.. anyway alot of place.

5. If you can have 1 dream to come true, what would it be?
I never have a dream come true.. I found that the question is so hard to answer.. Maybe some fame for myself.. slowly earn money build up my business, name, what so ever.

6. Do you believe in seeing a rainbow after the rain?
It's raining now.. Let me see later..

7. What are you afraid to lose the most now?

8. If you win $1 million, what would you do?
Do what can I do..

9. If you meet someone that you love, would you confess to him/her?
Already got..

10. What are the requirements that you wish from your other half??

11. Do you believe in "forever"?

12. Which type of person do you hate the most?
Some pig dog..

13. What is your ambition?
What am I studying now is what I gonna b?

14. If you have fault, would you rather the people around you point out to you or would you rather they keep quiet?
If the punishment is dead.

15. What do you think is the most important in your life?
F n F.

16. Are you a shopaholic or not?
U ask me go shopping? can... 5 mins kao tim..

17. What is the thing that you really want now?
A lot leh.. Human are greedy.. arent they?

18. If you have a chance. Which part of your character you would like to change?
Shoo away all my bad thingy..But I feel like b back who I am

19. Is there anything that you have done which you regret?

20. Are you hungry right now?
Makan Oredi

Selected Victims:-

Let's tag new friend OK?

1) Ojibala
2) Kokahkok
3) r1ooooo
4) siew lee

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sexy or not?

"KUALA LUMPUR: A Malaysian group condemned the uniform worn by girls at government schools, saying it encouraged rape and pre-marital sex.

“The white blouse is too transparent for girls and it becomes a source of attraction,” National Islamic Students Association of Malaysia vice-president Munirah Bahari said in a statement.

“It becomes a distraction to men, who are drawn to it, whether or not they like looking at it,” she said, calling for a review of uniform policy so that it did not violate Islamic ideals.

In multicultural Malaysia, home to majority-Muslim Malays as well as ethnic Chinese and Indians, female students at government schools have a choice of wearing a white blouse with a knee-length skirt or pinafore.

They may also wear a “baju kurung” and a headscarf is optional for Malay students.

Munirah said that “covering up” according to Islamic precepts was important to fend off social ills, including “rape, sexual harassment and even premarital sex.”

“This leads to babies born out of wedlock and, to an extent, even prostitution,” she said.

“Decent clothes which are not revealing can prevent and protect women from any untoward situations,” she said, suggesting that girls wear a blouse of a different colour or with an undergarment.

However, the girls themselves also came in for criticism, with the association saying that some used the white blouse to lure men.

“This is the source of the problem, where we can see that schoolgirls themselves are capable of using this to attract men to them,” Munirah said.

“This could see them getting molested, having premarital sex and all sorts of things.” – AFP"
Yeaii.. According to the news... Now they say school uniform look sexy. Out of sudden, for so many year.. They now claim that the school uniform is too sexy and attract guys to do ehem-ehem thing. So I manage to grab some pic on the net

First pic, showing most of the uniform that wear by student in China... Most of people out there dont know about.

In China their School U is split to different type according to their Winter, Summer, Spring, Autumn.
Next.. thats why u people out that familiar with.. Japanese.. Actually Japanese school uniform also almost same like following the season.
Next.. the Ang Mo type.. If not mistake.. they can wear anything they like.. For those who is cheerleader.. they can wear the cheerleader's costume whole day right? Hmm..

How bout us in Malaysia.. According to.. no ones.. ok.. Malaysia is all time Summer. So with such a HOtttt weather.. They got this kind of school uniform.
Most of the Chinese and Indian will wear something like that..

And the Malay will wear like this.

OK talking about the rape thingy.. Let's not blame the girl for wearing sexy bra colour. There is a blogger who blog about bra check or something something. I agree with her..
If the teacher dont look at the girl's nen nen.. will she/he know she wear colourful bra?
And because of they cant control they eye.. so it automatically will turn to the part there.

But if is a guy who look at there.. tengok saja cukup lah.. don't over do it..

C n C can?

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Coming Next - Wesak Day Parade

DSC06792 copy

The Salvation Army Celebrating 70th Anniversary

I took the post card when I was in college after the meeting. Here are some history about the army band.

The Salvation Army Perth Fortress Band, Australia

"Perth Fortress Band was formed in 1892 and since then has forged a reputation as one of the Salvation Army's finest brass band in the world.

The band has always maintained a high standard with regard to deportment, musical excellence, and Christian ethics, and this has resulted in being recognized, locally, nationally and internationally.

The band has traveled extensively within the country and overseas in 1981 to Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia.

The current bandmaster is Gareth Macdonald, a gifted young musician who provides direction both musically and spiritually to this talented group of musicians.

The band members who consist of about 35 players are excited at the prospect of visiting Malaysia again as part of the 70th Anniversary Celebration of the Salvation Army in Penang and Kuala Lumpur.

Perth Fortress Band, under the leadership of Major Barry Casey, looks forward to sharing the music with the people of Malaysia during the visit."

Below are the schedule of their performance in Penang.

24 May, Sat
2.00pm St Xavier Institution, Farquhar Street
8.00pm New World Park, Burmah Road.

25 May, Sun
10.30am The Salvation Army, Penang Corps, 53 Perad Rd.
3.30pm Gurney Plaza, Gurney Drive.

26 May, Mon
8.00pm Fund Raising Dinner, Dewan Holy Spirit Island Glades (by invitation only)
click here for more info about the Salvation Army

I will be following my school band for a workshop on Saturday at SXI. I don't have much information about it yet. Waiting for my junior to tell me more on Thursday. Anyway, as I heard from them, they will combine with the Salvation Army Band to perform on Sunday night. This I am not quite sure and still waiting for information.

I will be at New World Park as well if the time is enough. So for those who interested about that. Meet you there at 8pm

Back to School Band

After the SRC meeting, after settle some graduation exhibition problem. I back to my school to visit my school band. Dah.. Most of them don't know me already. I bet if I go back next few years.. All sure tak tau who am I.
When I reach there, the seniors all were practicing in the school hall while the recruits having sectional practice with the SL (section leader)
DSC07142 copy
As usual for band practice, the band will guide by the band director, Mr Khor before he pass the conducting stuff to the student conductor. He bring a few songs that he rearrange for the band to play.
Thus, I met ah pong there. He was too free so he go back and practice together with his favourite student, sotong.. the guy enjoying french horn in the pic.
DSC07133 copy
For some of you who don't know or don't even bother to read my blogger's profile.. Here I am to tell you I am once a band member. I am a flutist and also a piccoloist that time. That was that time.. And now no more. I am not a part time cameraist.
DSC07097 copy
Only my section member know who am I, and also some seniors who still there talk to me and tell me about the band. So far, I feel that they have improve. But for attendance, is very poor.
Since last year, they stopped taking part in Penang State Formation Competition. State Formation Competition was organize by the state goverment to choose 1 representive from Penang to National Comp. But then, because of some technical of their planning, I don't support the state comp already. But I will go see if there is band competition or parade. (will elaborate more in next few post)
So, when I ask them their practice how.. and this guy tell... BAGUS =.=

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Pipit 2nd Anniversary 2008

Pipit 2nd Anniversary coming soon on October.

"Pipit is a team that actively support world wide independent artist and designer, promote art design related project, exhibition and other creative activities, keen to provide source, information and we love to meet all the independent artist and designer."

For those who interested in art, you can support pipit by register hereClick to link to 2nd Anniversary Post. Thanks

Monday, May 19, 2008

Need Some toilet paper?

Hey hey, why suddenly people search on toilet paper wedding gown ar?
That post is almost 1 month ler.. I did post in nuffnang as well.

Then I try to use the keywords and search.. Tak ada my blog pun T_T so sad.

By the way, for those who haven't see/read about that wedding gown post..

click here for part 1

click here for part 2

OK? Enjoy.

Nuffnang Innit.

For this few day, I am too free until I try to post something in Innit to boost up my traffic. For some reason also, my earning left Rm3++ to reach my first RM50 for almost 6months in using nuffnang ads. Finally in this few day, it totally help me to get my left over money. So my I can cashout my RM50 already. Thank to Nuffnang.By the way, this is a post that I want to share my experience.

My average unique visitor per week is only 50 to 55. Which mean, I got only 30-35 visitor other than myself. That's normal thing for me as my blog is a personal blog. But it's not a private blog.

But after I discover the usage of Innit in Nuffnang, I tried to post something "interesting" in there with some "interesting" title. How? For example, a few post that I use "I give my own post a unique click every 1 hour" And that boost up my traffic immediately. And I got top 10 in the day. I mean I quite satisfied and happy about it. Because that was my first post that got 59Nangs n 5 Dangs T_T. Haha.

Well, choosing a interesting topic to attract nuffnanger to Nang your post is hard. But to make people to Dang your post is easy. I did try some other post but some post is not that interesting so people won't click on it.

Nuffnanger tend to share how their post get nang a lot. Some nuffnanger post up topic that attract we young people to read. For example... some 18sx topic but it dont have anything 18sx stuff at all. OK I admit I did nang their post too.

But for me now, I found out that is quite hard to maintain the higher traffic in my blog. I got to check my blog every moment to reply comments and criticized. I really wonder how other pro blogger who even no need to reply much comments and yet get so much traffic. As I can see now, my traffic for today has been drop. Drop to my normal traffic. Damm. LOL

But after I use the Innit, I have learn a lot of thing. I can meet new friend like ojibala who comment my post and even promote my post in his blog. And I get to read more people post.
That's what I like about it. Now I know I cant everyday concentrate on my blog too much.
Haha, better dont play too much :D. Last Innit post unless got something interesting :D

C n C please :D