Saturday, May 17, 2008


SMS or known as Short Message Service has become one of the important services in our life.

SMS is something we use to communicate using short text message between mobile telephone devices.

SMS can be known as instant messaging except when your operator is su*k. Normally, within a seconds, you will able to receive the text message from your friend.

One person who want to use the feature/service must have his/her own hand phone(HP) and a sim card of his preferable telecommunication network.

Since the first SMS is only can support up to 160 characters per send. It's quite hard for the people who use HP when they want to deliver a long message. Using the SMS is not a free services, one who send a SMS will charge accordingly to your service provider.

As for now, they started for few years already.. lower the price rate of sms to 7cents(RM0.07), 5cents(RM0.05) or even free if you are on some call/sms plan. But yet, if you are in oversea and want to SMS back to your friend in back home, be sure you are using Postpaid. If you are using prepaid, make sure your credit in your phone is A LOT. Or else you will regret SMS-ing all the way thru few operator and eat up all your credit in few minutes time. I advice you to use MSN.

I think SMS is the BIGGEST and WIDEST services others than email and your favourite post laju. Even post laju a bit lose to SMS.

The good and bad thing about SMS:
1) Nowaday, there are some competition that rely on SMS voting. For example: recently MDG. (I dint even vote :P)
2) SMS is fast
3) SMS to win some cool prizes.
4) SMS to bid something.
5) Urgently when you are out of credit, only left for LAST message. SMS your family or friends or whoever to top up for you.
6) SMS to donate money. But I wonder where the money goes.. -.-
7) SMS to meet new friend.. Some TV channel provide CB for those who wish to meet new friend.
8) If you are a shy person, you can use sms to say words like "sorry" "thank you" "daddy mummy I love you" or something that you couldn't tell using your MOUTH.
9) SMS ask for answer during exam/test

1) SMS is another way to cheat/scam.. exam.. money
2) SMS is wasting money. Sometimes your money will gone for no reason.
3) SMS is delay, when your service provider having network problem.
4) SMS is lier!!

Recently, people misuse the good about SMS.
How? By sending fake sms or "_______________" << what they call it? can help me to fill in the blank?
They will spread something bad and within 24hours.. A lot of people will read about it.

Then where where got this thing happen.. They will start some conflict. End up with fighting and DIE.
Then the most recent is the MAMAK thingy.
Then some C4 thingy happen last year.
And Radio Wave Exposure.. << this one.. You all judge yourself.. just becareful with the wave.

This all stupid msgs will lead us to trouble. We must know to make sure is it a fake sms or a real one. Beware of the contains in the msgs. Read carefully what it said. Do not forward those sms if it's not real although you feel is very cheap only by sending few sms.

My conclusion is..its good or bad. If we use it well, surely there wont be any trouble. Agree? Short conclusion eh :D

OPss.. got SMS to check.. Cya..

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