Thursday, May 1, 2008

Sikh New Year Open House.

Okie.. Last Saturday, find the date yourself, I attend this Sikh New Year Open House organize by The Sikh Naujawan Sabha Malaysia (Penang Branch) at New World Park, Penang. A lot of happening at NWP recently, and I like it ^__^.

I am among the earliest crowd, except those organiser there lah. So I got chance to walk around to see until where they will use until which including the main stage in NWP.

I start with the exhibition set up for the event. Some historical about the Sikhs, relics and some dolls in Punjabi clothing were on display.
Basically, is mainly a celebration for them, just like other races celebrating their New Year. This is my first time attend a Sikh's Open House. According to the Emcee, they did celebrate last year at Esplanade. I din't go last year due to I don't know and not into this thing yet.

Somehow, this year I can take this opportunity to learn a bit about others cultural. And event is the field I like, so I can learn the set up for different event that I attend.

Anyway, the crowd start to fill the seats provided near the stage, while waiting for the arrival of V.I.P, the crowd were welcome by the Emcee. Noh.. I can see a lot people chatting among themselves. It's just like a reunion for them too?

Then, the Emcee announce the arrival of the V.I.P and all of us got to stand up and welcome them. I din't sit anyway..


The V.I.P escort by some busy body guard with the beat of dhol. Some of the V.I.P were then on the stage. Preparing for their "Sepatah Dua Kata"


the vips
You know who he is..


Here's the crowd and some media staff.

Everyone paying their attention listening to speech by the VIPs before they officially start the Open House. I am busy running around finding stuff to shoot.
Run halfway.. saw this auntie pose for her husband to take a shoot for her.
Hello auntie.. Lei Hou arrr ^_^

And after the speech by all the VIPs.. They start their dancing on the stage. With introduction of Sikh dancing.


Actually, not only the perform dance from Sikh. They did other races dance as well ok? For example, Chinese Dance.
And some dance I dont what it mean...
Yet, now I know.. See the kid below.. She was too shy after she were request by one of the reporter to act like she is looking at the doll. O__O


One of the people there tell me.. This is Punjabi CLOWN

Mendhi/Henna corner. Each side RM1 only.. Big cheap sales..
Kids looking at their mom? while waiting for their hand's drawing dry.

Oh ya, btw, I met a new friend there. Ronson, he is a cameraman from NTV Tujuh.
Last.. Before I leave... Saw this interview section. I din't listen to what they say as I were busying shooting.
So, roughly is like that about that event. Posting too much photo.

-The End-


KOKahKOK said...

eh...just wan to buy for my another 2 frends...but closed

Akira 思胜 said...

Nice photo shooting there!!! U are good enough liao...

wenzi said...

kok.. i get call from a fren, telling me that got a pass to go O__O

akira: haha, thanks.. I am still learning de lah ^_^ not good yet