Sunday, May 11, 2008

EOS punya Dunia//World Of EOS

IMG_1580 copy
World Of EOS @ Gurney Plaza, Penang. Damm the camera and lens make me feel wet.

Btw, the description in photo.. do not misunderstanding OK? Those who do not understand please do not read it as Canon 500mm is L_____.
The IS = image stabilizer.

1 day I will own all of them.. No no.. 1 is enough.. HEHE

Photo taken using Canon A640


TINTIN said...

hahaa...after tried out the 'L' lense sure will get poisoned..keke!! I love 'L' lens ^.^

wenzi said...

Poisoned already T_T ..

must wait long long long time only can get 1 lo.. hahaha