Thursday, May 15, 2008

My NS Gathering.. 10th May

A short post with few photo.

Venue: Mizi Bistro, New World Park
Time: 7pm << count Malaysia time please.
Date: 10th May 08.

As stated above, it's on 10th May. And I heard from a lot of my friends telling me that I choose the wrong date. Duh.. I din't check Chinese calender, I don't know that day was a good day for wedding. So end up with few people attend this gathering.

Yeap this crappy gathering was so call organize by ME.
For the 3rd time I plan this. I feel lazy already. The feedback from others always bad.

As usual, there will be some people complaining. That I choose wrong place as well.
Always, I will be the smelly people (bad people). I got blame of everything for the gathering.

But what dissapoint me is, they know there is gathering but they don't want join us. They rather go somewhere else. etc clubbing.

So in the end, it turn up with the same people. And again, the worst thing was.. my "company" thats what they call in NS.. Only me and another one. But the rest, cannot come.
I just don't understand why some of them ask me when going to have gathering but they din't turn up for this. Sienzz.

Anyway, for those who never been Mizi Bistro before, I am proudly to introduce you to try in this Restaurant??? The food is really.. really... really.... really.... worth! Why I say so...

For RM19.90. You can order:

1) Any of the main course except Salmon n Beef for additional RM6
2) A drinks - juice or tea
3) Soup - The soup here is nice. Especially mushroom soup
4) Dessert of the day - Normally is self scoop ice cream.. eat till u fat :D

So what you think? btw.. the main course they serve are in big portion. Ermm which could make sure that you will be full by the time you having your dessert. No regret for sure.

Anyway.. this is not a paid advertising from them. I just introduce to you all that never been there b4. Just wait for anyone to treat me there :D Haha

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