Monday, May 19, 2008

Nuffnang Innit.

For this few day, I am too free until I try to post something in Innit to boost up my traffic. For some reason also, my earning left Rm3++ to reach my first RM50 for almost 6months in using nuffnang ads. Finally in this few day, it totally help me to get my left over money. So my I can cashout my RM50 already. Thank to Nuffnang.By the way, this is a post that I want to share my experience.

My average unique visitor per week is only 50 to 55. Which mean, I got only 30-35 visitor other than myself. That's normal thing for me as my blog is a personal blog. But it's not a private blog.

But after I discover the usage of Innit in Nuffnang, I tried to post something "interesting" in there with some "interesting" title. How? For example, a few post that I use "I give my own post a unique click every 1 hour" And that boost up my traffic immediately. And I got top 10 in the day. I mean I quite satisfied and happy about it. Because that was my first post that got 59Nangs n 5 Dangs T_T. Haha.

Well, choosing a interesting topic to attract nuffnanger to Nang your post is hard. But to make people to Dang your post is easy. I did try some other post but some post is not that interesting so people won't click on it.

Nuffnanger tend to share how their post get nang a lot. Some nuffnanger post up topic that attract we young people to read. For example... some 18sx topic but it dont have anything 18sx stuff at all. OK I admit I did nang their post too.

But for me now, I found out that is quite hard to maintain the higher traffic in my blog. I got to check my blog every moment to reply comments and criticized. I really wonder how other pro blogger who even no need to reply much comments and yet get so much traffic. As I can see now, my traffic for today has been drop. Drop to my normal traffic. Damm. LOL

But after I use the Innit, I have learn a lot of thing. I can meet new friend like ojibala who comment my post and even promote my post in his blog. And I get to read more people post.
That's what I like about it. Now I know I cant everyday concentrate on my blog too much.
Haha, better dont play too much :D. Last Innit post unless got something interesting :D

C n C please :D


ojibala said...

wow wow!! i am in the post!! but no add url to my name leh, haha, hiam dang hiam sai.

waleh, i still need many before i cash out

Christine said...

wow, u can cash out ur money de.. Sob sob.. I have still a long way to go.. Haha.. :)..

Christine said...

Wow, You can cash out already.. Congrats.. Sob Sob, I still have a long way to go... :(

Ping Ping said...

hey..yea..i can cash out too..but it's not cuz of the sudden incoming traffic la..cuz its for this week..and that ad was last week one..but hopefully i can get more ads..

anyway, same thing happened to me..visits drop to normal already..I think ojibala should have real good traffic since he has two post on the top 10 innit. finally we pun ada chance masuk top 10 .=P

wenzi said...

ojibala: later i edit it when i am "free" haha..

christine: hahah not plannin to cash out yet.. wait more liao ka cash out.. nvm la..

both of u work hard lo.. i also use 6 month to reach that :D

ojibala said...

now i need to pray that you "free"...=.=

Ping Ping said...

u 6 months, I took a year k??? T.T but i oso same like u..dowan cash out..hehehe..tam xim..want see more money only cash out...

ojibala said...

lol, ping ping, i got band 2 only for last weeks ads. hopefully this weeks i get band 3, improvement, but i suddenly tired liao la, dont want innit innit, kena diao liao.

wenzi said...

pingx2 actually not tam xin.. is dun want cash out 1st.. just rm50.. cash out was postage money.

oji: rest awhile then go play again when free.. if always go innit can out topic and out visitor.