Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Back to School Band

After the SRC meeting, after settle some graduation exhibition problem. I back to my school to visit my school band. Dah.. Most of them don't know me already. I bet if I go back next few years.. All sure tak tau who am I.
When I reach there, the seniors all were practicing in the school hall while the recruits having sectional practice with the SL (section leader)
DSC07142 copy
As usual for band practice, the band will guide by the band director, Mr Khor before he pass the conducting stuff to the student conductor. He bring a few songs that he rearrange for the band to play.
Thus, I met ah pong there. He was too free so he go back and practice together with his favourite student, sotong.. the guy enjoying french horn in the pic.
DSC07133 copy
For some of you who don't know or don't even bother to read my blogger's profile.. Here I am to tell you I am once a band member. I am a flutist and also a piccoloist that time. That was that time.. And now no more. I am not a part time cameraist.
DSC07097 copy
Only my section member know who am I, and also some seniors who still there talk to me and tell me about the band. So far, I feel that they have improve. But for attendance, is very poor.
Since last year, they stopped taking part in Penang State Formation Competition. State Formation Competition was organize by the state goverment to choose 1 representive from Penang to National Comp. But then, because of some technical of their planning, I don't support the state comp already. But I will go see if there is band competition or parade. (will elaborate more in next few post)
So, when I ask them their practice how.. and this guy tell... BAGUS =.=


-blueminer- said...

cheh din take photo of me

wenzi said...

u armpit use that thing to poke me.. how to take photo of u haha..
i mean your bagpipe thing.

Alex Chua said...

I felt that the discipline is at its low end. I do went back to band and witness myself.

Very shocking visit...

-blueminer- said...

cheh excuses..haha

Wei Lian said...

nice pictures =)