Sunday, May 18, 2008

RM0.10/RMB0.20 per rainbow. For Shi Chuan Earthquake Victims

有msn的人請注意一下,msn的簽名前面加,就是加個彩虹( R),微軟就捐1毛,廣本捐1毛,舉手之勞,積少成多。下面是鏈結: 請幫忙傳出去~ 謝謝!

Take Note for those who have MSN, add a rainbow in front of your nick (R)your nick = donate 10cent.
It's a simple way to help them. go to the link for more information

Before read my story below.. please watch

After the 7.8magnitude Earthquake, estimate around 28k chinese in China Sichuan die after the tragedy. The worst thing is, a lot of children trap underground. And alot still lost and still havent been found. After 6day of this Earthquake.. what we can do is help in the way we can help right?
Just we wont waste or lost anything by helping them. We are here enjoying our luxury life while they are suffering.

Just to tell you all, I am not sure if the MSN thingy is a cheat o not, but.. really what you need to do is putting a (R) in front of your MSN nick and that's it. I already add the (R) in front of my nick.. So, how about you? Why don't help to spread by copy n paste as well?


angel said...

I have added the (R). Hope it helps.

ojibala said...

will add it later

wenzi said...

^_^ great :D

huilin said...

added it alr. Thanks for the information (:

ojibala said...

eh... work for CHINA msn user only, but show your support la, even though you are not china msn user. we are chinese!!!

LIMEI said...

How do they know if we've place the (R) ? @_@ anyway, i've place it . :D