Sunday, May 11, 2008

They play wave, I shoot; The wet, I shoot

Long long time agoooo~~

DSC06073 copy
DSC06074 copy
DSC06100 copy
and also Chee Cheong Fun.. I ate it already :D
DSC06051 copy
OK, Whats so special about them? Well lets see...
Scene 1:
DSC06135 copy
DSC06136 copy
In scene 1, you can see sam posing to get splash by the SEA water. Yummy izit?

Next, lets us proceed to scene to shall we?
Scene 2:
DSC06145 copy
DSC06150 copy
DSC06158 copy
DSC06159 copy
Hey hey.. Eng some more pose till so nice eh ^_^ Dun play play ok?
While Sam pray to the sea water.. and doing McD Chant as well....
DSC06163 copy

DSC06164 copy
As the result... 3 of them get "wet" by those... yiaki water...

Here's the proof for it..
DSC06177 copy
DSC06178 copy

No photo of Sam wet is because... his bottom part wet.. So he don't allow me to take photo of his bottom part. You know lah.. XD

Wetclaimer: During last weekend, we went for some wet dim sum around wet 8am. After we finish the wet dim sum, we proceed to our wet station, Esplawet. Esplawet is the place we three of them get wet. Except the wet photographer and the wet gf. Please accept the wet dirty sea water with some wet rubbish on it splash on the 3 wet victim. End.

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Akira 思胜 said...

walau eh, u all nthg to do hor? go there and get wet? hahaha...

wenzi said...

akira: lol.. not me... actually.. we dono got such "nice" thing to play..
we reach only know.. hehe