Thursday, May 15, 2008

Fishing My Way To Made Of Honor

Hong Leong online has offer Nuffnangers 40 invitations to a dinner for:

Date : Thursday, 12th June 2008
Venue: JW Marriott KL Ballroom
Attire : Formal, Suit, Evening Gown

Here’s what to expect at the event:

7.00pm Arrival of Guest/ Wine to be served
7.30pm Dinner is served (8 course meal)
7.45pm Band/Scottish bagpipers
8.00pm Wedding Gowns/Suits Fashion Show
8.15pm Most Talented Parade (Couple’s Act)
8.30pm Know Your Partner Contest
8.45pm Souvenir Presentations to partners, lucky draw
8.55pm Announcement of Best Dressed Couple
9.00pm Guests make their way across GSC Pavilion
9.30pm Movie screening at GSC Pavilion

So in order for nuffnang to distribute the tickets to nuffnangers in a fair way, what we blogger has to do is.... 30 of invitations reserved for Glitterati members.

Play the flip flop fishing game here
Try your best to catch as many as you can.

Post a screen shot by the end of your game with your score.. Something like this:

Thats my score, only 10200g

There are people who can even catch 20kg of fishes. So my 10200g is small deal.

Anyway, here's some tips for you all to get better result.

Always remember to read the instrution before you start fishing.

After read, click on the skip button and start fishing.

Just remember, catch any fish.. except the electrifying eel.

it will slow you down for catching those fish.

and make sure your mouse are in good condition. or else it will be hard for you to do the job.

Catch all sizes of fish..
Baby Flippy = 150gm
Mama Flippy = 300gm
Papa Flippy = 450gm

I think play quantity is the best. Just catch as many as you can do it.

Challenge me!!

get your screen shot done and post it on your blog with the title I post.

and send your post to with your permanent link and your contact as well. Deal?

Hurry up and fish yourself the ticket and invitation!!

poster and dinner details grab from

btw this is my 200th post ^_^

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