Monday, October 29, 2007

All Star by Smash Mouth

Here is another song :D Enjoy

Saturday, October 27, 2007

27th Octocber 2007

Cant think of any title for this post, so i decide to choose the date as the title HAHA.
Today is the 2nd day of video shooting for my group. Unexpected the weather today is so damm good. Really really good compare to previous day. Rain non-stop. That's why you see my previous post also rain de. LOL. Anyway, while waiting the ladies to reach the beach, I take a walk with my camera.

the shadow of me :D
low angle - sand, shell, sea and the sky ^^
well, this guy has nothing to do with the video thingy, just take his photo for fun :D

Still waiting for the ladies and I spotted someone taking photo for his model, see his camera also know a PRO photographer liao. 1 guy on 2 gurl.. :P

Then I saw the guy who in charge of the motorboat there push out "His" motorboat. Snap again LOL want have a ride in da sea?

Not enough yet, haha. Then I saw this father and son was sitting waiting the wave to hit them. Look so nice. So I snap again.. Bwahahaha. son:daddy, got jellyfishy la.. scare lo. daddy: dun worry son, I'm here to protect u

I really wait till bored until I.... dog also snap :D haha

Alright, as I say the weather is sooooo damm good. Bottom 2 photo describe for me how good is the weather. took outside the hotel of batu ferringi - traffic light
lane for OKU sign, a fast shot when on da way back. at gurney drive.

Most important is the weather so good :D HAHAHAH Weather siok siok :P

Special thanks to SiewNee, friend's of Abigurl for her help in this video shooting. Thank you very much. I still write it although I know she wont read my blog. (cos she dono I got blog or something :D)

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Rain Rain Rain

Listen to this song... Haha

Monday, October 22, 2007

Smile :D:D:D

One Smile a day make Life Different!!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Wrong Placing?

On the say day before the previous post that I spot the Smart car, we were at New World Park having lunch with WeiWern together with me and eng. I was vegetarian that time so I just drink can drink. I was too free then I took a snap of this :

This pic show one of the stall inside NWP food court. The main drinks stall.

What so special about the stall? Not because of the Ice Kacang. It's quite expensive also. What attract me is the KILL PEST thingy. What I feel is, they put it at wrong place. Want know why?

There, saw the small dot on the pineapple?

It's a LALAT!

Eng's Vios Car Pimpin Video

thx eng for upload to his youtube. ^^

Friday, October 19, 2007

Smart Car

Spotted this car with ah eng after he accompany me eat at "i don't know what's that place name" haha. The car is so flowerish and colourish.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

EAA 056+058 Graduation

My seniors will be having their graduation. Click at the image for more details. Please go support ok? hehe ^^ See you there ^^

Eng -- Car Part 2

Well, here's day 2 which is the last day work of eng. Due to some problem during my photo upload, i decided to link few together into one. To view it, kindly click on the image ^^. Thanks and sorry for the incovenience*.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Vios Pimpin By Eng

This is his day 1 work, photo randomly upload. No arrange.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Beautiful Junk 2007 : Wallpaper Edition

There will be a event call Beautiful Junk 2007 : Wallpaper Edition held at Alliance Francaise, Penang. Click the image for bigger view. Come and support. Bring along your Ipod too ^^

Vios Car Pimpin!!

Just help my friend ah eng to promote. He will be in charge of GLO n SS at Upper Penang Road on 13th and 14th Oct. Mean tomorrow and sunday. 9pm to 3am for each day. Those who interested go have a look and support him ^^.

p.s. pls bring ur mask along if u want to ^^

12/10/07 4.11pm

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Upclose n Personal with GILAMON

GILAMON coming to town!!!! *for those who don't know about gilamon, kindly go to for more information :D

But where?

Hahaha, is at Penang Cathay Cineplex Prangin Mall.
Woot? Don't play play, is in AUDITORIUM!! <<spelling mistake tak?

Early birds freebies(comic book), a Popcorn Combo Set and Brave Story Special Screening Ticket

register, register, register
yes, Audi 5.. hahah there is a Brave Story poster overthere, i dint flash =.=

Well I am lazy to type again, let me settle the photo first then I will talk about it :D

michael chuah busying setting the slide
speech by michael chuah
everyone listem to them quietly :D
leftty's turn to talk
MC: what song you want me to sing? Lef: Any song lah :D
free gift for lucky draw..
lefty again hahahah
prepare for Q n A session :D
he ain't singing, he is asking question
so many fans!!! lefty droping signature for his fans!!
Haha, I also manage to get Lefty's signature :D hahah Very Special eh :D hahah
After the signature signature and sign and sign.. we then... take a group photo and they prepare to leave already.
group photo before they leave ^^V
After they left, we stay in the CINEMA for Brave Story. A Japanese Anime :D.. It's Dammmmm Nice lahhh. Will tell more story about the Brave Story :D hehehe.
Congrats to my friend >> ah eng, sams and few seniors who won the LUCKY DRAW ^^.. DOOODOLLS :D hahahs. although i dint manage to win anything but i get this.. hehhe

Whahaahah, Nice o not?? :D, I got the power of LEFTY!! (yes, i am left hand-ed too :D)

Yipee, Lefty TAG on my HAND!! hahahhahas