Sunday, October 7, 2007

Upclose n Personal with GILAMON

GILAMON coming to town!!!! *for those who don't know about gilamon, kindly go to for more information :D

But where?

Hahaha, is at Penang Cathay Cineplex Prangin Mall.
Woot? Don't play play, is in AUDITORIUM!! <<spelling mistake tak?

Early birds freebies(comic book), a Popcorn Combo Set and Brave Story Special Screening Ticket

register, register, register
yes, Audi 5.. hahah there is a Brave Story poster overthere, i dint flash =.=

Well I am lazy to type again, let me settle the photo first then I will talk about it :D

michael chuah busying setting the slide
speech by michael chuah
everyone listem to them quietly :D
leftty's turn to talk
MC: what song you want me to sing? Lef: Any song lah :D
free gift for lucky draw..
lefty again hahahah
prepare for Q n A session :D
he ain't singing, he is asking question
so many fans!!! lefty droping signature for his fans!!
Haha, I also manage to get Lefty's signature :D hahah Very Special eh :D hahah
After the signature signature and sign and sign.. we then... take a group photo and they prepare to leave already.
group photo before they leave ^^V
After they left, we stay in the CINEMA for Brave Story. A Japanese Anime :D.. It's Dammmmm Nice lahhh. Will tell more story about the Brave Story :D hehehe.
Congrats to my friend >> ah eng, sams and few seniors who won the LUCKY DRAW ^^.. DOOODOLLS :D hahahs. although i dint manage to win anything but i get this.. hehhe

Whahaahah, Nice o not?? :D, I got the power of LEFTY!! (yes, i am left hand-ed too :D)

Yipee, Lefty TAG on my HAND!! hahahhahas

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