Thursday, October 4, 2007

Mooncake Festival Party

Last 2 weeks, 22nd September 2007, me and my classmate organize a party. Its called MOONCAKE FESTIVAL PARTY. Hahah sounds.. ..weird huh =.=. It's open to my college students and their friends.

Well due to me and my the other 2 friends need to stay at college for competition stuff, so we went there late.

By the time i reach there is around 5pm already.. Almost that time la, luckily those people haven't reach all. Only my classmate reach there first. I can see a lot of people at there also. Well a week before 22nd, the goverment send a news said that TSUNAMI is coming. But still i can see a lot of people enjoying play SEA water leh. ^^ hahahs. So don't worry and be happy lo.
And.. a lot of bikini girls LEH!! :D :D :D :P hahah.

Because of late, so our game push forward to quite late and quite rush. But then we still manage to play every game except some game have to wait after BBQ only can play.

a view of Jia Hui and her gang
kenneth, me and darren
chit-chating in progress
mr chin seng posing :D
ozen and justin trying their best to make fire
darren, philip and kenneth
some view + jiahui
playing ah eng's game. nice scenary :D
sand castle game :D kelvinn and ozen filling up their cup with sand + sea water
eng's group with their castle.. tak tau apa pun =.=
group discussion, *bla bla.. how to build ar??*
testing testing.. :D
knowing each other

and da GROUP photo.

Roughly thats all about the party, still got a lot of photo but i can't upload it here because too slow and i lazy to arrange the photo.

Special thx to:

  • Jia Hui who organize and plan this party
  • Sam, ozen for helping and others also lah
  • KhanKhan for his photo.
  • Of course my classmate who support the class event ^^
  • for those who attend the party as well :D

Thanks again ^^

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