Monday, April 21, 2008

Toilet Paper Wedding Gown Design Contest Pt. 1

I think most of you all see people use condom to come out a fashion clothing when online.
But now I gonna show you the Wedding Gown using toilet paper.

Last Saturday, there was a Contest held at Gurney Plaza.
Few of my college students took part in the
"Toilet Paper Wedding Gown Design Contest"

Yes, what I gonna show U later is all made by Toilet Paper + Tissue.

So, I imagine how they gonna create a wedding gown by using those fragile paper.

Imagine your hand cold sweat + your excited + your nervous..
But then, these people can do it. And even they bring it out for fashion show. Hehe

See the crowd there, dammmmm alot people watch.
Anyway, let me start to show you the toilet paper gown..

By the time I reach, I already miss out the 1st contestant. T_T sad.

Actually, I reach very early. Just feel hungry and go had my lunch before went up to see.
Here contestant No. 2
Contestant No. 3, she is the only person who wear her own design.
Contestant No. 4
Contestant No. 6
Contestant No. 5
Contestant No.11
Contestant No.13
Contestant No.12

So what you people feel? Isn't GREAT? Just from toilet paper you can do those stuff ^_^.

How wonderful is it.

Anyway stay tune for Pt. 2 for the prize giving thing.

By the way, I will get some of the contestant that I miss out to shoot from my friend to post it up here. OK?


Please click here for Part 2


zhengdhong said...

imagine the things they can do with toilet paper. multi purpose! can wipe ur ass as well as be made into a wedding gown! haha! malaysia boleh!

wenzi said...

Boleh sia..

During wedding.. ermmm

TOo Happy till cry can tear 1 to use right? haha

swt O__O

Anonymous said...

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