Friday, April 18, 2008

Church Visit - Rewire

It was 8th March 2008, erection election day.

Suddenly my phone.. bzz bzz bzz. Eh wait.. Is it my phone or my.. MSN?

Er.. whatever la, it was from Mr Koay.

"Eh later you free? Want go church?"

Me "For what?"

"Go see band performance lah"

Me - think sure got related to hplww and cuilin and I answer "OK loh.. come fetch me then"

So around 6, Mr.Loke come to fetch me to Mr.Koay's house. Fetch Sam, Khan and Mr Koay to hplww's house.

Fetch Hplww and go to the church. Btw, I am not a christian.

Reach there, welcome"d" with friendly church member.

We gotta sign up and get an alphabet chop on our hand. Just like entering clubing ar. Haha But It was not.

The "party" start with dark dark scene.. Something like this..

And.. wachaa.. Dance!!

These event host by this Mr.Nice Guy. He claims that he is one of the youth too.

Happy Happy together eh.?

Then the church singer, sang their throat out.

And then, the crowd was entertained by the bus company band

warm up session by the bus company.

Then the whole crowd was like... Sooo happy ^_^ Cos DAP won also that night. And we keep receive sms telling that a lot of place in Penang having fight. So.. When on the way back.. We were so scare.. LOL =.="


Akira 思胜 said...

Nice visit to there!!! the photos quite blur for some...

wenzi said...

haha bcos.. i no on FLASH. and shutter below 30 i think.. so.. its blur.. ngek ngek...

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