Friday, April 25, 2008

First Snowman in Penang

What happen if Penang got snow.

Eh, Not those theme park one la ok?

I mean real snow..

That must be awesome right ?? Right??

But I know this will never Happen in Malaysia..

Especially with 24/7 damm hot weather.


This might came true... :D:D

Below are article from Trust it? Not?


'Snow’ falls from Penang sky White flecks seen during downpour

"PENANG: People may have said you were crazy, but if you thought you saw flecks of snow during the downpour here yesterday morning, you are not alone.

Executive Marina Ab. Jalil, who works on the 12th floor of Menara BHL on Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah, was called back to her office to witness the ‘strange phenomenon’.

“My boss, who comes from Beijing, called me to tell me that he and another colleague were seeing snow out the window.

“I was driving at the time and thought he was joking. Since when does it snow in Malaysia? However, when I got back to the office, I did see white things falling with the rain,” she said.

Marina, 36, described the falling particles as dust-like with a cotton texture. (I think aerople that ship bed.. the cotton all came out falling from sky. Like candy rain?)

“They were quite big when it was raining heavily and I took a picture but the photo did not manage to capture the particles,” she said.

A Star photographer who was sent to investigate said he saw flecks that looked like white dust. LOL

“They were extremely fine, so it didn’t come out in the pictures. They looked too light to be ice and seemed to flutter and disappear on the way down,” said the senior photographer, who checked the tops of park-ed cars near the building and found nothing but water.

A check with the Malaysian Meteorological Department showed that the temperature in the state reached a low 24.3 degrees Celsius yesterday.

“It’s highly unlikely and almost impossible that it was snow,” said an official.

“It could have been haze particles, but it’s very hard to say as I did not see it,” he added.

A department spokesman said it had never snowed in Malaysia although there had been instances of hail during intense thunderstorms.


SO... is it gonna snow or no snow?? T_________T

If really got.. gonna make snowman liao :D

Penang Boleh~

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