Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Urban GrooveUltimaxx Hip Hop Street Dance Competition 2008

Last Sunday, I was "invited" by Ah Pom to attend this dance competition. OKAY? INVITED.
Also present is Mac n RuiYang.

So what's up about this compeition?

It is a hip hop competition.

Anyway for your information, all team that take part is from Urban Groove dance school.

So, it just like a competition for their students to see which student team are better.
Reach there with my dear around 6. Meet Radius there and had our dinner at Taman Free School before the event start.

After that, back to Masyarakat Penyayang and still don't have pass for me to enter.
Suppose I need to have a pass and buy a ticket for Yivon.

But somehow, we both walk in without pass or ticket. Thanks to CSF.

While me and Mac Tan stand by, an aunt asked us if we are selling the photo that we take or not.
$__$ wow.. Haha, does me look like that PRO? Hmm..

Then I replied her, "Sorry, we are here to take for the organiser of this event, if you want, you can ask the in-charge to sell you"
DJ Coollen was there, as the DJ and play the music. For those who don't know who is DJ Coollen please go check from net. I, myself also not really know him much, just heard before his name only. OK?

Then when the party start with Welcoming speech by 2 Emcee.

I tell you what, the 2 Emcee was telling cold joke and talking cold word. No one is laughing or responding to what they talk. It was like.... they not suit to be the Emcee ler..

Some more after few group performance, they like to POTONG THE STIM. Duh..
Anyway, Emcee introduce 3 judges... 1st is I don't know his name already.. 2nd one is Sean from Danzity, and lastly Max from UG itself. Btw, Max was one of the instructor for UG and Chief something something for UG.
Here, the line of JUDGES.
The marks they give base on..
Choreography: ??/20
Technic: ??/20
Combination: ??/10
Image: ??/10
Crowd: ??/10
Showmanship: ??/10
Mistake: ??/10
Teamwork: ??/10
All these total 100% for every full marks.
By the way..
How can they give marks for mistake.. The more mistake they do.. the marks is 9/10? O_O.

I think is technically wrong to put MISTAKE as part of it?

That's CSF. Who "invited" me there.

Quite a number of team that take part.

One of the team, from what the Emcee telling the Audience... this team member all become MOTHER already.

What? Yes.. Mummy.. Mama.. Mother..

Who are they? They quite famous among them..

They are..

Forever Young.

And also got really young eh group take part as well.. Hot chicks ^_^
During the intervals.. or.. break time for judges.. The crowd was entertaint by.. ReLoy.. LeeRoy.. errr.. something like that la.. =.=.

He do his beat box. Hey... he really good at it~~. Penang quite rare got beatboxer.
Then the cold cold eh Emcee request 5 people to go up to stage for a mini beatbox-ing competition. They say 5 but then on the stage got 7. WTF? =_=..

But, this part was the funniest part of all OK? Even the cold joker also cannot make that funny.

Rules: Just try to follow what the BEAT BOXER PRO beat box. And for those who can do it well, they will win SOMETHING after that.
So why I say this part was the funniest part?

It because you can hear not BEAT BOX sound but those..

Errr.. Ahh.. EEE.. yerr Ughhh.. HAHA sound. SWT.
Anyway without wasting time, all of them pass the test and they requested to go back to their seat and wait for award.
Actually not only the beat box part is funny.

This group perform damm nice.

Macam got story.
See the dead people lying on the floor? See what he gonna do next.


So hard to crawl to his team member..
But then.. he end up get KICK by them.. SWT

Soo.. the party competition end around 9.30 and the rest of the time was use to calculate the marks. While on the stage, there are side performance by the beatboxer, the DJ, the breakdancer and even the judges themself again.
Before that, 3 judge was invited to tell their opinion 1 by 1 and what they think about them.
So hard So long to wait.. finally they announce the result.

Wah lao, I tell you.. the stage is more people that the audience.

They call team by team to go up to get their prize.

The result is.. I forget their name. But anyway..
Thats end of their competition. Win Or Lose doesnt matter!.
Pic above: the champion group.
Malaysia boleh... UG Ultimaxx Boleh
Some group photo that I mange to snap before my camera is TOTTALY run out of BATTERIES.

SO.... Thats all about this COMPETITION.

Sorry for the bad/blur/dark/noise images. I am still noob in indoor low light photography.
I took about 400photos but not much can be use. So..
Thats all. Thanks


Akira 思胜 said...

Wow, nice competition there!!! Great!!!

Chobits said...

Wow~ I also want to watch hip hop street dance~ ^^
I like to take photos actually, hope i can learn from you, hehe~ >.<
What camera you are using?

wenzi said...

akira: hahah thx man^^

chobits: hahaha, quite nice lo to watch it love :D
Dun learn from me.. learn from each other.. hehe

Using Sony A200

Adrian said...

wei...photoshop edit brighter loh...
humble sia ~
so free, dun so lazy larr xD

update blog so fast =__=

wenzi said...

adrian: haih.. put brighter then not nice liao T_T..

will try to edit next time paiseh laa..