Monday, April 28, 2008

Apartment Stay

Well, this is quite long already, back in year 2007 December.

Actually since 2006, we (SXIMB band gang) start to have apartment stay.

But year after year, our people getting less and less.

Black studying in India.

Siao Kia busying helping his parents.

Left 5 of us.
We stay at Bayu Emas..

One of the place that we could get it for cheap.. food because we cook.
We stay there 1 night, all food we got to buy a day before..

That's the place we learn to cook.
Sandwitch by me n lau du.
Spageti by Jiunn Terng..

Looks yummy eh?
Is only 5 of us.. but got to settle all those food...

Anyone interested to join us this year?


Akira 思胜 said...

wah, eat so much meh... hiong ni...

wenzi said...

yea wanna join us? hehehe