Thursday, April 3, 2008

Cheng Beng 2008 Pt.2

For those who havent read my Pt.1 Please click here to read it first.
Those who finish read and see, continue here :D
Continue my story..
My mum and my aunt was the one who arrange and doing those food for 'em.
While waiting everything to get ready to burn. I snap some photo again.
Due to my hometown is located quite high, so early in the morning sure got a lot of mist. So, cheng beng here wont feel hot. Really cool there.
You see the background is blur blur and like smoke.. But is not smoke, is the mist.
Cheng Beng, I think is also part of CNY for the dead people? People here burn firecracker is NORMAL during Cheng Beng.
So when you were busy preparing and arranging the paper, don't be suprised if you heard the sound of explosion.

So roughly Cheng Beng is like this. To show respect to our ancestor and also a gathering for every family.

Below are my random photo on that day.

Last but not least, a pana before we leave.

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