Sunday, April 6, 2008

Hip Hop Graffiti Competition

*Please take note before you continue reading*
Some photo you saw here will or might be same with other blogger post. For example eng, adrian, HuanSheng and khan khan. So, don't sue us ^_^

Penang Hip Hop Graffiti Competition..

The story is like this, I was late to reach gurney. Wasn't really late at all la. Just after few minute I reach, they gonna start.

Saw my college junior, a lot of them din't get to take part. The organiser say that they[organiser] lost their[my junior's] application form. So a lot of them feel quite disappointed about it.

I wish HuanSheng n Eng when they going to start. And take the opportunity to use HS's S5is.
pai seh la HS, just "fat hao" want try your camera ^^.
But in this post, all is from my camera. ^^
The competition took around 90mins. From 2.30pm to 4pm.
So participant must finish a 8 x 4 ft graffiti art. So only 20 team only was allow this year. I think during 2006, there was a lot more participant.
Feel that they use the wrong location to have this competition. I think not only the artist having a hard time to breath, even the photographer around there. The place was too pack.
After 90 mins there, finally and luckily they manage to finish it on time. The result was announce after 10minutes of discussion.

This artwork(below) had impress me since before they finish.
So everyone was waiting for the result while each participant got to present about their artwork.
I heard one of the participant talk quite loud before the mic reach him. He say, when the mic come, I will say " WASSUP ".
Yea wassup my ASS!
want act hip hop=.=
Ah eng with his artwork. Look familiar? here Vios_1 and Vios_2. Proof that it's original by him.
And my junior huansheng and his partner.

ermmm.. huh.. what happen? what everyone looking at?
what's wrong?
to be reveal on part 2?3?4?. Stay TUNE ler.

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